Things to Do BEFORE Looking for an Apartment: Building a Budget

Part Two: Building a Budget

As we mentioned previously, having a concrete budget is important in deciding not only if you should be renting an apartment, but also how much you are able to allocate towards rent alone.

We here at CLV Group have prepared a list of things you should consider when preparing your budget:

  1. First, make a list of expenses you already have, these may include the following:
    1. Bills: cellphone, debts, ect.
    2. Transportation: vehicle expenses, insurance, public transportation costs
    3. Food: depending on whether or not you current pay for food
    4. Clothing
    5. Entertainment: anything extra
    6. Education
    7. Other: Look into where your money goes on a monthly basis and create a spreadsheet or outline of a monthly budget that explains your current living patterns.
    8. Miscellaneous/Savings: make sure you leave a little safety factor for rainy days.


  2. Make a list of expenses that are associated with renting your own apartment:
    1. First and Last Month’s deposit
    2. Monthly Rent
      1. Look at your needs, and the market prices in your area for a general price.
    3. Utilities
    4. Renters Insurance
    5. Food (this expense may change when changing living situations)
    6. Bills (this expense may change, with common additions being cable, phone and internet)
    7. Laundry (both supplies and cost of machines or utilities)
    8. Cleaning products
    9. Kitchen and bathroom supplies
    10. Furnishing
    11. Decorating
    12. Moving expenses
  3. Look over your savings, and current income, to calculate if you can surpass the amount needed monthly for your budget. If you cannot do so, then it is a sign that you are not in a position to rent just yet.

By creating a stable budget, you aren’t  just finding out whether or not you can afford to rent your own apartment, you are actually facilitating this occurrence. Following a budget means your expenses stay in check, allowing you to have enough money for all your expenses, and rent, every month.

Happy Apartment Hunting!

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