If you’re in search of after-dinner drinks or a comfortable spot to head to with your friends, it can be challenging to know where to go when there are so many options to choose from in this city. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favourite bars in Ottawa to make the selection process nice and easy for you. The Moonroom 442 Preston St When you’re in the mood for evening cocktails, Th[...]
Do the winter blues have you wishing for warmer weather? Well, one of the best ways to help combat that (while also getting your home in tip-top shape), is by looking ahead to the spring. You can boost both your mood and your productivity by getting your apartment ready for spring now! Montreal comes alive once the snow and ice melt away, so why not get a head start so you can look forward to the [...]
Looking to save on energy costs this winter? Whether you live in a CLV Group apartment or townhome, we’ve compiled our top 10 tips to helping you save this winter! Ensure the dishwasher is full before you run it Remember to always turn off and/or unplug lighting before going to bed or leaving your home Keep your air vents clear of furniture and appliances so that air can circulate m[...]
Despite the chilly winter weather, hibernation really isn’t all that bad when you have some tasty fast food to keep you satisfied and happy. And during those frigid winter nights, sometimes there’s nothing better than ordering in some take-out and curling up on the couch with a good book or movie. Here are a few of the best take-out locations in Ottawa for your cozy nights at home during those [...]
Located in Southwestern Ontario, London is currently the 11th largest city in Canada! London’s combination of a great community, recreational facilities, education, business and career opportunities are just a few of the qualities that make this city a great place to live. According to the London Economic Development Corporation, “London presents exciting job opportunities in a number of sectors[...]
Stop by our OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, January 27th from 12PM – 2PM at 250 Albert Street East, Sault Ste. Marie and let us help you find the perfect place to call home. Choose from luxury bachelor apartments, 1 bedroom apartments or 2 bedroom apartments and let our Customer Care Coordinators show you the most sought after rentals in the city. Guests will receive exclusive promotions and gifts for att[...]
No matter what kind of content you enjoy watching, there are endless options available for you to watch it with in 2017. Whether you’re a traditional kind of person who enjoys the endless options available through cable, or a trendsetter who has been watching Netflix since 2011, there are multiple services available to you that you’ll love. Cable While many people have recently been opting to en[...]
The first 24 hours in your new apartment are important. Not only is this your first impression of your home, but it will set the tone for the rest of the time you spend there. Make the most of your first day in your new home so that you can enjoy the rest of your time there! Do a Onceover Your CLV Group home will be cleaned top to bottom before you move in, but it is always a good idea to do a q[...]
Top 4 Ways to Spend a Friday Evening during a Snowstorm Stuck inside yet again during a snowstorm? When it’s bitterly cold out, and the snow is piling up, all you want to do is cozy up inside. But having some fun ideas and activities on hand is always good planning – especially if it’s the 4th or 5th night in a row of bad weather and you’re stuck in on a Friday. So to help keep you entertained [...]