Montreal attracts floods of tourists each year. And now, more locals are catching on that instead of vacationing elsewhere, they can find all that they need and more to enjoy the summer at home. For some inspiration and ideas on what to do when planning a Montreal staycation this fall, check out some of these popular ideas below. Browse Through the Old Port Markets The Old Port markets are a mus[...]
Going from high school directly into university or college life can quickly leave students feeling lost and overwhelmed. That’s why so many students have begun to recognize the value in taking a gap year before staring post-secondary studies. Though many people choose to take a gap year to travel the world and experience new cultures, there is also great value to be found in a gap year taken ri[...]
Though apartment design trends are always evolving, Floral prints have been a popular element of interior design for decades. Today, floral designs have surged in popularity with a new and contemporary twist. Forget about your grandma’s dated florals – we’re talking about bold, colourful, statement pieces that can make any room in your apartment look fantastic. But before you hop on the floral tra[...]
Looking to give your old clothes a second life? Fall is the perfect time to sift through your closet and pile up those old clothes that are no longer serving you well, for whatever reason. Here are some easy ways to help lighten your load and clear out the clutter while helping to serve others who may need them. Donate to Your Favourite Charity Donating them is of course, a great way to get rid [...]
Did you know that there are over 300,000 apartment theft and vandalism cases each year in Canada, 81% of fire and water damage claims are caused by tenants (not the landlord), 24% of residential fires are apartment fires in Canada, the average apartment fire in Canada costs $100,000, 25% of tenant related fires start in the kitchen and the average repairs in Ontario for cooking fires cost over $70[...]
It goes without saying that this summer in Canada has been wet, wild and downright frustrating at times for those of us who love to get out and soak up the sun. When rained out for days at a time, it can be hard to find ways to stay positive and/or productive, especially if you’ve finished all of your errands in town and have no need to head out into the miserable weather. Here are our top tips fo[...]
Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the latest and trendiest gadgets for your home. Check out the list below for some smart home products that you can incorporate into your CLV Group apartment. Bedroom and Living Room Sonos Speakers Wi-Fi speaker offering a wireless experience that you can control from your smart phone. Available in various sizes to fit in any room or [...]
University is where we make some of our closest life friends, building bonds that can last a lifetime. Still, it’s often tough to stay in touch with your college friends after school, especially when busy work schedules and life get in the way. If you’re looking for ways to stay in touch with university friends, here are some tips you can use so you don’t lose contact after you graduate. Create a[...]
Finding the perfect apartment can be overwhelming, especially when you are searching in a large city. CLV Group offers five amazing apartment communities across Hamilton, Ontario – and we are sure to have the perfect apartment for your needs. Let us start by telling you a bit about the Hamilton community. Hamilton is an exciting city with a lot to offer. As the third largest city in Ontario[...]
Whether you live in a studio apartment, bachelor apartment, or one-bedroom apartment, maximizing space has become almost like an art form. It’s all about strategizing and getting creative with your furniture and living space. Here are five ideas to help maximize space in your Montreal apartment. Paint in The Light Before moving your furniture around or mulling over ideas of what to do, consider [...]