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For most of us, the Labour Day long weekend marks the end of summer and the beginning of the annual transition into Autumn. Whether you plan on celebrating all of the happy memories you made this summer with a weekend away, a picnic, or one final barbecue, these eight summer salads are sure to delight your family and friends. Incorporating fresh fruits and veggies, bold flavours, and a rainbow of [...]
Mercredi après-midi promettait d’être génial pour les résidents des Appartements Maison Hamilton et Place Kingsley, et il a été à la hauteur de nos attentes! Les résidents des deux communautés se sont réunis dans l’espace vert à la Place Kingsley pour profiter de leur BBQ d’appréciation des résidents annuel. Alors que les enfants s’amusaient, les résidents ont profité de hot-dogs kascher ainsi [...]
Wednesday afternoon was highly promising for Place Kingsley and Maison Hamilton residents, and it delivered! Residents of the two communities gathered in the green space at Place Kingsley to enjoy their annual resident appreciation BBQ. As kids played around, residents enjoyed kosher hot dogs fresh from the BBQ along with snacks and refreshments. A face painter and a DJ were on site to make sure [...]
There is no better place to sip on a coffee with the cutest surroundings than in the Plateau Mont-Royal. There are so many coffee shops to choose from close to Le Neuville Apartments so here are our top recommendations. Café Reine Garçon | 611 Duluth East This coffee shop will make you feel at home. Not only do they have one of the best coffees in town, refined with a natural hint of cocoa, th[...]
Il n’y a pas de meilleur endroit pour siroter son café dans les plus beaux décors que sur le Plateau Mont-Royal. Il y a un tant de petits cafés parmi lesquels choisir près des Appartements Le Neuville, alors voici nos meilleures suggestions. Café Reine Garçon | 611 Duluth Est Ce café vous fera sentir comme à la maison. Ils n’ont pas seulement un des meilleurs cafés en ville, velouté avec une p[...]
Quiconque connaît Montréal sait que l’été est synonyme de la saison des festivals. Musique, humour, art, gastronomie, culture, etc. Il y en a pour tous les goûts! Les festivals gastronomiques sont nos préférés puisque nous avons la chance d’y goûter d’uniques saveurs du monde entier et de nouvelles variations de mets classiques que nous n’aurions jamais pensé goûter. Voici les meilleurs festivals [...]
Anyone that knows Montreal knows that summer is festival season. Music, dance, comedy, art, food, culture, etc. You can find a festival celebrating anything! Food festivals are our favourites because you have the chance to taste unique flavours from all over the world and new twists on food you never thought you would try. Here are the top food festivals to attend this summer in Montreal: Pouti[...]
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With the warm weather upon us, patio season has officially begun! There's no shortage of opportunities to get out and enjoy the sunshine in Burlington, with many top local restaurants offering outdoor lounge seating and picturesque views of the lake. Now that spring is in full swing with summer just around the corner, there's no better time to take in all that Burlington has to offer when it comes[...]
\Have you ever wondered how to really tell whether you truly love where you live? For most people, this includes finding an ideal home or rental property, having plenty of amenities to suit certain lifestyle needs, and having a beautiful neighbourhood you can feel proud to live in, among other factors. If you’re not sure if you’ve found your perfect setting just yet, compare your current living[...]
If you’re in search of after-dinner drinks or a comfortable spot to head to with your friends, it can be challenging to know where to go when there are so many options to choose from in this city. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of our favourite bars in Ottawa to make the selection process nice and easy for you. The Moonroom 442 Preston St When you’re in the mood for evening cocktails, Th[...]