You need to be prepared to squeeze in every morsel of time enjoying the outdoors during the spring and summer months in Ottawa. Luckily, Ottawans know how to take full advantage of the pleasant weather with a slew of activities located in and around the city. So strap on your comfy shoes, grab your sunscreen and be sure to check out some of the best outdoor attractions in Ottawa. Zipline at Camp [...]
From cozy jazz bars to rock venues to hipster-loving indie – there’s certainly no shortage of places to see live music in Montreal! And that’s not taking into account the massive music festivals that you can catch throughout the summer months. This city is always teeming with live music venues where you can enjoy spectacular bands across many different genres. So when you’re on a mission to catch [...]
If you’ve never visited Old Montreal, you’re missing out! There’s something so charismatic, quaint, and enchanting about this popular tourist district. This historic neighbourhood is an area of the downtown core that has been largely preserved in its original state, with some areas dating back all the way to the 1600’s. And with cozy cafes, Euro-style bistros, chic boutiques and so much more to di[...]
\Have you ever wondered how to really tell whether you truly love where you live? For most people, this includes finding an ideal home or rental property, having plenty of amenities to suit certain lifestyle needs, and having a beautiful neighbourhood you can feel proud to live in, among other factors. If you’re not sure if you’ve found your perfect setting just yet, compare your current living[...]
Nestled within the Sandy Hill area of Ottawa are a ton of amazing heritage buildings, unique shops and trendy restaurants and cafes. For students attending University of Ottawa, Sandy Hill is your ideal location. This location is steps to campus, minutes from the ByWard Market and everything you need is easily accessible. Looking for a place to call home in Sandy Hill? We have you covered! All [...]
Montreal attracts floods of tourists each year. And now, more locals are catching on that instead of vacationing elsewhere, they can find all that they need and more to enjoy the summer at home. For some inspiration and ideas on what to do when planning a Montreal staycation this fall, check out some of these popular ideas below. Browse Through the Old Port Markets The Old Port markets are a mus[...]
Going from high school directly into university or college life can quickly leave students feeling lost and overwhelmed. That’s why so many students have begun to recognize the value in taking a gap year before staring post-secondary studies. Though many people choose to take a gap year to travel the world and experience new cultures, there is also great value to be found in a gap year taken ri[...]
University is where we make some of our closest life friends, building bonds that can last a lifetime. Still, it’s often tough to stay in touch with your college friends after school, especially when busy work schedules and life get in the way. If you’re looking for ways to stay in touch with university friends, here are some tips you can use so you don’t lose contact after you graduate. Create a[...]
Whether you’re studying in Hamilton or have decided to take a leap at your career and start a new job far from home, homesickness is often a very real and common occurrence. It’s perfectly normal and can be difficult to overcome when you feel overwhelmed in an unfamiliar setting. But it’s important to stick it out and do what you can to alleviate your nerves and stress so that you can learn to enj[...]
Gearing up for a new semester can be a challenge when it comes to motivating your body and mind to enter back into that scholarly zone. But preparing and getting things organized before the second semester arrives can be one of the most important factors in academic success. To help kick-start your second semester off on the right foot (and maintain it), here are some tips to help get both your bo[...]