Continuing from Part I, here are three more in-house design tricks to maximize the space in your CLV Group apartment! The Ghost Chair Sticking along the same lines of creating a feeling of space around your furniture, clear furniture pieces are making a huge comeback in the most recent design trends. Ghost chairs are a great choice if you’re looking for extra seating in your living room without [...]
Whether you are a student, parent, or a busy professional, your schedule probably consists of long days and nights. A hectic lifestyle can take a toll on your body, and more likely than not, the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is organize and clean your apartment. We have put together a list of hacks that can help you maintain your organization! 1. Create double clothes hangers [...]
As a Millennial, you make up a large portion of the population; and because of that, markets, products, and services have been designed with you in mind. In regards to apartments, we have put together a few features that we have found to be an important aspect of a Millennials apartment search. Pet Friendly Your furry friend is a part of your family, and being able to bring them with you into yo[...]
  10 Essentials for your First Student Apartment Bedroom 1. Bed: Students aren`t known for getting a lot of sleep so make the most of it with a good bed! 2. Lamp: Late night cramming sessions just aren’t possible without a solid bed-side lamp. 3. Desk: A desk is a necessity for students. It`s your work space, your dining room table, and sometimes your impromptu napping spot. Kitchen[...]
You’re all grown up and you finally have your own apartment; you even have your very own roommate, and that roommate is your sibling. But wait, having your brother or sister as your roomie doesn’t have to be a con to your new independent life! Although growing up with your sibling might have been (let’s be honest) annoying, having an apartment with your sibling can be exciting and helpful! We’re n[...]
You study hard, sleep well, and eat a good breakfast, but did you know that studies indicate that 20 minutes of activity can boost test scores? Crazy, right? According to Power 20 Method (2014) “A brief, vigorous workout just before taking an exam can meaningfully improve test scores because memory, creativity and alertness improve measurably right after exercise.” Luckily, there are MANY exe[...]
Want to test any kind of relationship with any kind of person? Live with them. Roommationships are hard to form, and a good roommationship is hard to find. Sometimes it takes dozens of roommationships to finally learn how to live functionally with another person. Schedule conflicts, lifestyle differences, house guests, cleaning duties, all of these can add tension to a roommationship, and if not a[...]
With the warm weather upon us, you may be looking for a new place to expand your coffee horizons during the day. Not only do we not blame you, we’re here to help! Whether you are looking for a coffee shop to study, or a place to grab a pick-me-up coffee to go back to work with, we have broken down the tried and true coffee shops of London, as trusted by our very own London Customer Care Coordinato[...]
Located in Southwestern Ontario, London is currently the 11th largest city in Canada! London’s combination of a great community, recreational facilities, education, business and career opportunities are just a few of the qualities that make this city a great place to live. According to the London Economic Development Corporation, “London presents exciting job opportunities in a number of sec[...]