The holiday season always has a fun and electrifying buzz in the air, but it can also be a stressful time for many. Between hosting family dinners, attending office parties, and finding time to shop – it can leave little energy or time for taking care of ourselves. To help you breeze through the holidays and make the most of it, here are our top 5 ways to kick holiday stress this year and every ye[...]
Most people struggle with being productive in the wintertime. The cold weather, shorter days, and lack of sun make it hard to stay energized. To beat the blues this season and ensure that your health stays on point, follow these 5 ways that will keep you energized throughout the winter. Keep Active It’s easy to curl up inside when it’s cold and snowing outside. That’s why it’s important to force[...]
Now that it’s officially summer, a great way to enjoy some fresh air and get your heart rate going is to bike around the city. Whether you have been a Montreal resident for a while or still new to the city, biking offers a fresh perspective of the city. So combine a solid workout with a great tour of the city with our suggestions of the best bike paths near you!   Angrignon Park Length:[...]
With beach days long behind us and the winter season in plain view, November can be a tough month to get through here in Canada. With a tendency to be a dull, cold, and dreary time of year, it can be hard not to succumb to those pre-winter blues. So how can you beat them and stay motivated? Here are our top five tips for avoiding the November blues this year. Keep Exercising As the dreary weathe[...]
Searching for ideas on how to utilize your Sundays more efficiently? Tackling errands and tasks before Monday rolls around can dramatically improve your entire week ahead. Learn how to set your week up for positive growth and success with our tips for an ideal productive Sunday in Hamilton. Create a To-Do List Creating a to-do list and writing out all of the tasks you have to address during the [...]
Minimalistischer Weihnachtsbaum zu Weihnachten auf roter Grußkarte
Avec le temps, les fêtes du mois de décembre sont devenues synonymes de la consommation, et non de moments heureux avec nos proches. Voici quelques trucs et astuces pour évider de se faire prendre par la folie des fêtes, pour avoir un meilleur impact sur l’environnement et pour se concentrer sur ce qui compte vraiment. Cadeaux Nous ressentons souvent le besoin d’acheter des cadeaux pour toute no[...]
Minimalistischer Weihnachtsbaum zu Weihnachten auf roter Grußkarte
Throughout the years, the December Holidays have become more and more about consuming, and not about spending quality time with loved ones. Here are some tips to avoid getting caught up in the Holiday mania, making a better impact for the environment and focusing on what is important. Gifts Often we feel the need to purchase a gift for everyone in our family and circle, which can be overwhelming[...]
Soaking up every available moment that’s left of the summer can make the fall season roll in pretty quickly. Before the cooler temperatures catch you off guard, make sure your home is prepared using these six tips to get your Burlington apartment ready for fall. Get Your Entranceway Ready Since the fall and winter months require multiple layers for keeping cozy and warm, it's a good time now to [...]
Struggling to manage everything that life is throwing you at the moment? If you’ve been trying to juggle everything without making an effort to sit back and plan out your time, chances are you won’t have much room for a life. Or, your sweatpants, couch, and TV will start to dominate most of your spare time. But there’s so much more to life beyond the latest binge-worthy series. While it’s nece[...]
Looking to up your fitness game? If you’re in Burlington and have been struggling to find the motivation to incorporate more exercise into your life, check out Fit in the Core! This is an excellent opportunity to get off the couch and join others in the city for free fitness classes. If you’re interested in getting fit right downtown, here’s everything you need to know about Fit in the Core. What[...]