Soaking up every available moment that’s left of the summer can make the fall season roll in pretty quickly. Before the cooler temperatures catch you off guard, make sure your home is prepared using these six tips to get your Burlington apartment ready for fall. Get Your Entranceway Ready Since the fall and winter months require multiple layers for keeping cozy and warm, it's a good time now to [...]
Struggling to manage everything that life is throwing you at the moment? If you’ve been trying to juggle everything without making an effort to sit back and plan out your time, chances are you won’t have much room for a life. Or, your sweatpants, couch, and TV will start to dominate most of your spare time. But there’s so much more to life beyond the latest binge-worthy series. While it’s nece[...]
Looking to up your fitness game? If you’re in Burlington and have been struggling to find the motivation to incorporate more exercise into your life, check out Fit in the Core! This is an excellent opportunity to get off the couch and join others in the city for free fitness classes. If you’re interested in getting fit right downtown, here’s everything you need to know about Fit in the Core. What[...]
Que ce soit vos enfants ou vous-même qui retourniez à l’école, voici nos meilleurs conseils pour commencer l’année du bon pied. Armez-vous d’un calendrier/planificateur Déterminez ce qui fonctionne le mieux pour vous. Que ce soit un planificateur quotidien ou hebdomadaire, un calendrier mensuel accroché au mur ou une combinaison de ceux-ci, vous avez seulement besoin de quelque chose qui corresp[...]
Whether it’s you going back to school or your kids, here are our top tips to make the start of the year as smooth as it can be. Get a calendar/planner Find what works best for you. Be it a daily or weekly planner, a traditional agenda, monthly calendar hung to your wall or a combination of the above, it just needs to fit you and your type of organization. Get a tool that also looks great to you:[...]
Il n’y a pas de meilleur endroit pour siroter son café dans les plus beaux décors que sur le Plateau Mont-Royal. Il y a un tant de petits cafés parmi lesquels choisir près des Appartements Le Neuville, alors voici nos meilleures suggestions. Café Reine Garçon | 611 Duluth Est Ce café vous fera sentir comme à la maison. Ils n’ont pas seulement un des meilleurs cafés en ville, velouté avec une p[...]
Just moved into a new area? Eager to explore it? If you’re not sure how to get to know your new locale best, here are our top five ways to explore your new neighbourhood to help you get familiar with it in no time. Take a Bike Ride A quick and easy way to get more familiar with your new neighbourhood is to take a bike ride around the area. On a bike, you’re more flexible, which means you can sto[...]
Spring cleaning can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but you should view it as an opportunity to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward going into the warmer months. It’s important to set aside time for spring cleaning; by re-evaluating what’s used and what isn’t, purging needless clutter and scrubbing down the spaces where you spend the most time on a seasonal basis. Sometimes it can[...]
If you’re looking to switch up your workout routine or are new to the Burlington area and want some new ways to keep in shape, there are plenty of options for you throughout this great city. You can attend a fitness class, stretch out with some yoga, bike along the lake, or discover the abundance of stunning green space to stay fit. Check out a few of our favourite places to exercise in Burlington[...]
Staying active and making time to exercise is so important for enhancing and maintaining your overall health. And playing sports is one of the best ways to do that while having loads of fun! If you’re a fitness enthusiast and love to stay active, here are a few of the best places to play sports and get fit in Hamilton. Soccer World If soccer is your sport of choice, then you need to check out So[...]