You need to be prepared to squeeze in every morsel of time enjoying the outdoors during the spring and summer months in Ottawa. Luckily, Ottawans know how to take full advantage of the pleasant weather with a slew of activities located in and around the city. So strap on your comfy shoes, grab your sunscreen and be sure to check out some of the best outdoor attractions in Ottawa. Zipline at Camp [...]
Relocating to a new city can feel exciting and overwhelming. And when you have a slew of boxes consuming your new apartment, it can be daunting to even think about how or where to start. But feeling a little unsettled and uprooted is perfectly reasonable when you start out a new chapter of life. So don’t stress. If you’re new to Hamilton and wondering how to make your apartment feel like home, che[...]
If you’re in search of Ottawa’s top places to take in fantastic art, you won’t be disappointed when you explore these city streets. Rather than having one set district for galleries, here you’ll find plenty of hidden gems tucked away throughout the entire city. Let’s take a look at some of the hot spots to check out for those who love art! National Gallery of Canada Of course, if you’re an art l[...]
Rainy nights don’t have to be gloomy and boring. Sometimes, when it’s pouring outside, it’s the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax, and spend some quality time doing things you never really have the opportunity to do. If you’re searching for some ways to enjoy those rainy nights, here are a few ideas to get you inspired. Take a Soak in the Tub Remember how amazing bubble baths were when you[...]
With so many options to choose from in Ottawa, pinpointing where to go for some retail therapy can be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with the city. That’s why we’ve created this quick list with some of the best places to shop in Ottawa to help narrow down your search so you can dedicate more time to browsing. Sparks Street Sparks Street, which is located downtown tucked in between Elg[...]
Montreal is such a vibrant and fascinating city with so much to see and do. The city is teeming with unique, stylish, and trendy stores that you can find all throughout the city tucked away from the standard malls. If you’ve explored the sights of the city and are interested in browsing through some of Montreal’s most fashionable boutiques, here are a few of the best spots to snag something chic a[...]
Looking to save on energy costs this winter? Whether you live in a CLV Group apartment or townhome, we’ve compiled our top 10 tips to helping you save this winter! Ensure the dishwasher is full before you run it Remember to always turn off and/or unplug lighting before going to bed or leaving your home Keep your air vents clear of furniture and appliances so that air can circulate m[...]
Hamilton has more to see and do than many people realize. Being packed with historic sights and scenic landscapes, there’s plenty of beautiful landmarks to discover here in the greater Hamilton area. So when you’re looking for something new to explore in this city, check out this guide on some of the most popular landmarks that Hamilton has to offer. Dundurn Castle Dundurn Castle is one of the m[...]
Tea is a beloved companion that can help comfort, soothe, and even heal us. No matter what the blend is, tea has helped us connect with others. It has warmed our soul on those bitter cold nights and provided the perfect elixir to help us plow through ailments like those pesky seasonal ailments. With the many different varieties of tea blends available today, you can take advantage of the flavours [...]