‘Tis the season where everything looks and feels a little magical. So there’s no better time than now to get a little romantic. If you’re searching for some fun Hamilton holiday date ideas for you and someone special, check out these ideas below!   Ancaster Old Mill With a romantic setting next to a waterfall, the scenic ambience of Ancaster Mill paves the way for a perfect date.  This is one of[...]
When it’s dull, cold and less than inspiring outside, there’s no better way to liven the mood than by transforming your apartment into your own cozy oasis. With a few simple additions, you’ll see that making your Montreal apartment into a winter wonderland is easier than you think! Here are some creative ways to make your space cozy, warm and inviting to help you get through those long, winter day[...]
Minimalistischer Weihnachtsbaum zu Weihnachten auf roter Grußkarte
Avec le temps, les fêtes du mois de décembre sont devenues synonymes de la consommation, et non de moments heureux avec nos proches. Voici quelques trucs et astuces pour évider de se faire prendre par la folie des fêtes, pour avoir un meilleur impact sur l’environnement et pour se concentrer sur ce qui compte vraiment. Cadeaux Nous ressentons souvent le besoin d’acheter des cadeaux pour toute no[...]
Minimalistischer Weihnachtsbaum zu Weihnachten auf roter Grußkarte
Throughout the years, the December Holidays have become more and more about consuming, and not about spending quality time with loved ones. Here are some tips to avoid getting caught up in the Holiday mania, making a better impact for the environment and focusing on what is important. Gifts Often we feel the need to purchase a gift for everyone in our family and circle, which can be overwhelming[...]
  We know you don’t want to hear it, it’s something almost everyone has been avoiding the thought of – Winter. As Canadian’s, historically we’re well known for handling winter, however that doesn’t mean it gets any easier year after year – but that’s okay, we’re here to help. As you’re probably going to be hibernating this winter like the rest of us, we felt we could share some tips and[...]
Heading out on your own for the first time? Don’t be scared - moving out of your parent's place and into your own can be exciting and empowering. To ensure that you adjust to moving out for the first time without any hiccups, check out the following tips that will help provide a smooth transition. Embrace Minimalism When you’re no longer living under your parent’s roof, it can be quite a shock t[...]
As the summer weather dwindles down, there’s no better time to get out and make the most out of what remains of the warm breezes and sunny afternoons. If you’re searching for some pretty spots in the Montreal to do just that, here are a few of our favourite places throughout the city which will have you falling in love with nature all over again. Mont St-Gregoire If you’re looking to get in some[...]
Centrally located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, VIE Apartments is surrounded by all the conveniences you might need – shops, restaurants, cafes and bars are minutes away. A few steps from your door is the Guy-Concordia metro station, highly convenient for commuting throughout the city. Concordia students will love the proximity between their home and school, only a short walk away. The CLV[...]
Situés au cœur du centre-ville de Montréal, les Appartements VIE sont entourés de tous les commerces et attraits dont vous pourriez avoir besoin. Boutiques, restaurants et bars se trouvent à quelques minutes seulement et une virée magasinage vous attend sur la rue Sainte-Catherine. De plus, à quelques pas de votre chez-soi se trouve la station de métro Guy Concordia, sur la ligne verte: très pr[...]
Montreal is a city that can be defined with one word — character! There’s no denying just how charming and even seductive this city can be. But what is it that makes Montreal such a unique city? The people, the culture, the architecture, the food? The answer is all of the above! Let’s explore a few of the things that really make this city unlike anywhere else in the world. French Passion Obvious[...]