Looking for the top Valentine’s Day date spots in Montreal to check out this year? There are so many romantic and fun ways to warm up with your special someone in this charming city. Here are some of our top suggestions this year. Massages at the Spa What better way to spend quality time together than by being pampered? You can enjoy massages and treatments from one of Montreal’s popular spas, B[...]
It may be cold and snowy outside, but that doesn’t stop Montrealers from making the most out of it. In fact, winter in Canada is one of the liveliest seasons of the year. Cities like Montreal host a slew of fun and exciting activities that are well worth a visit. This year make the most out of the winter in Montreal by checking out any of these seasonal favourites. Don’t forget to bundle up! Craf[...]
When it comes to the holidays, Montreal is the place to be. The entire city lights up this time of year against a snowy backdrop, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a magic snow globe. Montreal is always jam-packed with holiday events taking place all across the city too. With so much to see and do around here come Christmas, there’s ample opportunity to explore, shop, and ease into the holi[...]
The Mike McCann Memorial Charity Golf Tournament raised a total of $758,000 back on September 12th, 2019. After a first donation of $100,000 to the Burlington Community Foundation, we met with Sun Youth Montreal last week to present their portion of the funds that were raised. The organization welcomed us on October 31st to receive our cheque in the amount of $50,000. Sun Youth operates through[...]
Ce mardi, les résidents de la Place Kingsley et de la Maison Hamilton se sont joints à nous dans l’espace vert entre 5550 Trent et 7461 Kingsley pour le BBQ de reconnaissance aux résidents. L’événement était un grand succès; c’était un bel après-midi ensoleillé avec des hot-dogs délicieux durant lequel tous les enfants s’amusaient. Le barbecue a uni la communauté de Côte Saint-Luc en donnant la[...]
Ce jeudi après-midi, les résidents du Neuville se sont rassemblés sur le toit-terrasse pour le BBQ de reconnaissance aux résidents. C’était tout un succès pour le premier barbecue officiel sur le nouveau toit-terrasse! Les résidents dégustaient des burgers et des hot dogs grillés à perfection par l’équipe du Groupe CLV tout en profitant des vues panoramiques de la ville. La bonne musique et la [...]
Maintenant que l’été s’est officiellement installé, faire du vélo à travers la ville est l’une des meilleures façons de profiter d’un peu d’air frais. Le cyclisme permet de découvrir la ville d’une nouvelle perspective, alors profitez-en pour sillonner la métropole tout en faisant de l’exercice avec nos suggestions des meilleures pistes cyclables près de chez vous!   Parc Angrignon Dista[...]
If you’re a coffee connoisseur, there’s a new java capital to add to your list! Montreal has become a coffee mecca over the years as a slew of new roasters, importers, and independent coffee shops have started sprouting up all across the city. This “third-wave” of coffee makers offer fair-trade, sustainably harvested and organic beans to locals – and they love it! Here’s your 2019 Montreal coffee [...]
If your idea of an exciting road trip includes plenty of hiking, biking, camping, and pretty much anything outdoorsy - we’ve got the hotspots you need to know about when travelling throughout Canada. Here are our top 5 Canadian cities to visit if you love nature and all that it has to offer.   Guelph   Thanks to its modest population of about 130,000 people, Guelph is where urban[...]
Beyond the Euro-style food, old cobblestones, gothic architecture, and enveloping romance that this city is renowned for, Montreal is home to some pretty unique things. It’s a dynamic and vibrant city with residents who love to celebrate, while also embracing the finer things in life like enjoying smoked meat, diving into the best poutines, and indulging in a lively arts and culture scene.  But th[...]