You can transform any balcony – no matter the size – into a cozy, inviting and intimate setting that you’ll be eager to show off to your family and friends. Start taking full advantages of those summer days in Montreal with these five must-see balcony ideas that will inspire you to transform your outdoor space. Use Outdoor Rugs and Materials to Cover the Floor You don’t have to start looking for[...]
Montreal is one of Canada’s most exciting and vibrant cities. And as the weather warms up, the city awakens with a ton of things to see and do. If you’re an avid foodie, you can indulge in so many superb and quaint places to dine in. Love the nightlife? Montreal has got some of the best spots to party with the locals, enjoy refreshing beverages, and get your funk on. And beyond the food and nightl[...]
Just imagine – refreshing cold beverages, patio umbrellas, sunshine, lush garden, people watching, and great friends to keep you company. With patio season now here, soon you won’t have to imagine all of what makes the summer weather so enjoyable. And if you’re in search of which patios to lounge on this summer in Montreal, look no further – we’ve made a list of the top five patios that you need t[...]
Summer is on its way and that means sunshine, warm weather, and lots of reasons to spend more money in Montreal! But between paying rent, utilities, groceries and every other necessity – it’s also a time when you can easily end up racking up debt and regretting those frivolous expenditures. Get on top of your spending habits this summer by learning how to cut your expenses. Let’s get started: Cre[...]
Victoria Day is just around the corner! With the long weekend hours taking effect at most stores, this weekend kicks off the start of the summer and is the perfect time to explore the city of set out on a weekend getaway. General Ideas Rent out a cottage Go for a road trip Plan a camping trip Take a day trip to a nearby city or town Explore nearby farmers markets Ottawa Tulip Festival | Ma[...]
The hustle and bustle of downtown Montreal makes it a popular spot for residents of the downtown core and surrounding area to gravitate towards. With something always going on and an endless amount of restaurants and shops, it’s no wonder it’s a hot spot. Whether you’re looking to find your perfect apartment in the downtown core or are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere in the surrounding area,[...]
Introducing Appartements VIE in Montreal, Quebec! Formally known as Le Neuville, this high-rise apartment building located in the heart of the lively Plateau Mont-Royal has taken on a modern renovation and refresh. With inspiration taken from the bright and modern décor of LIV Apartments in Ottawa, Appartements VIE features a fresh look with bright and bold décor. Overlooking Parc La Fontain[...]
Who says you need to wait until spring to de-clutter your home? There’s really no better time than now to give your Montreal apartment a thorough cleaning BEFORE spring arrives. You can take advantage of that gloomy winter weather and get a head start, then enjoy spring! Here’s how to tackle your de-cluttering. Divide your Apartment into Sections It can easily become overwhelming if you attempt [...]
InterRent is proud to announce the acquisition of a new property in Montreal – Le Mistral, which will be professionally managed by CLV Group. Featuring bright and spacious suites, incredible amenities and located near various stores and attractions, Le Mistral is a place that residents are happy to call home. With the addition of Le Mistral, InterRent and CLV Group have over 1,100 units availab[...]
Having your own apartment offers an opportunity to show off your personality while incorporating some of the local culture. Montreal is a city filled with diverse cultures and excitement, so why not showcase some of that in your trendy new apartment? There are many ways to give your apartment a refreshing new design bringing in inspiration from the city around you. Whether you just moved in or if [...]