Looking to volunteer for a good cause this season in Ottawa? There are a ton of organizations and opportunities for you to give back, help out and feel great doing it. Plus, you get to engage with others, make new friends, and gain some valuable skills during the process. Whether you have an idea of what you’re looking for or are simply looking for anything that inspires you to lend a hand, here a[...]
Finding solace and silence with your thoughts in a big city can be difficult to achieve, especially with all of the distractions around us that are so readily available. That’s why having a meditation room or dedicated space in your home can be so beneficial. Creating a meditation zone in your apartment can help you achieve stillness, and quiet your mind to those distracting thoughts and devices. [...]
Looking to visit or move to Ottawa? Then you shouldn’t miss this list of Ottawa’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. From dining, shopping, entertainment, and more, these areas have everything you could possibly need. Here are Ottawa’s most amenity-rich neighbourhoods to take note of. ByWard Market When visiting Ottawa, you cannot miss a trip to the ByWard Market – Ottawa’s one stop shop for over 500 [...]
Algonquin College Business and Hospitality Students! Join us on Tuesday November 14th from 6:30-9:30pm at 207 Bell St North, Ottawa for an evening of food, drinks and mingling. Note: Event is exclusively for Algonquin College Students. Please RSVP to hiring@clvgroup.com See all career opportunities at www.clvgroup.com/careers
Ottawa is a beautiful city all year around. With so much green space and trees throughout the city, everywhere you go there are scenic views of fall colours. Regardless of where you live in the city, your CLV Group apartment is centrally located to provide easy access to different locations. Get out there and explore all the Ottawa has to offer this fall! Below are some events and fall activities [...]
Our amazing CLV Group residents have come together to provide donations to local food banks near their homes.   Ottawa residents at 57 Bayswater, 218 Maclaren, 860 Blackthorne, 341 Flora, Forest Ridge, Avalon Park, LIV Apartments and Riviera Appartements provided donations to the Ottawa Food Bank.   Burlington residents at 700 Ross, The Lakeshore Club, Rosemount Apartment[...]
Ottawa East has more to offer than you may think! From the many paths to shops and restaurants, you’re sure to find something that will keep you busy. Check out some of the activity ideas below and plan your next outing in Ottawa East. Place d’Orleans Shopping Centre Place d’Orleans has a ton of shops that differ from those in Bayshore Shopping Centre and Rideau Centre. Greenbelt Orleans is lo[...]
Finding the perfect place to call home can be overwhelming, but with furnished suites and extended stay choices, more options are readily available to renters today than ever before. Take a look at some of the amazing benefits that LIV Apartments & Extended Stay furnished suites offer below. Furnished suites beyond compare.   LIV Extended Stay is Ottawa's ideal home away from home fo[...]
Though apartment design trends are always evolving, Floral prints have been a popular element of interior design for decades. Today, floral designs have surged in popularity with a new and contemporary twist. Forget about your grandma’s dated florals – we’re talking about bold, colourful, statement pieces that can make any room in your apartment look fantastic. But before you hop on the floral tra[...]
InterRent REIT, alongside Trinity Developments and PBC Real Estate Advisors Inc., is pleased to announce a transformational development at 900 Albert Street in Ottawa. The three towers will include 1,000 Multi-Family Residential Suites, Retail space and Office space. Centrally located, the development will have direct access to the link between the Trillium Line and Confederation Line of the city’[...]