It’s that time of year once again, the holidays are over, your New Year’s resolutions are fizzling out (good for you if you’re still going strong) and the road to financial and physical recovery is well on its way. Although things are starting to look up, you may be experiencing the January blues. Here are a few tips and tricks to turn that frown upside down and help you survive the homestretch th[...]
With the fresh fall air, aromas of pumpkin spice, and eerie, ghoulish atmosphere lingering about, Halloween is arguably one of the best times of the year. If you’re gearing up for Halloween in Montreal, there are plenty of spooktacular events and activities happening all throughout the city. From Halloween-themed club nights to ghost hunts, to zombie walks — there’s no shortage of ways to get [...]
Alors que le ciel se dégageait jeudi après-midi, les résidents des Appartements Parc Kildare se sont joints à nous dans la cour pour le barbecue d’appréciation des résidents annuel. Les résidents se sont rassemblés et ont discuté avec leurs voisins tout en profitant de maquillage, jeu gonflable « Cars », jeux et une baignade rafraîchissante. Notre DJ était sur place pour s’assurer que tous pass[...]
Residents at Riviera Apartments gathered outside on Wednesday afternoon for their annual summer resident appreciation BBQ. It was the perfect day to throw a sunny summer BBQ fit with a DJ, scrumptious BBQ from Grill Masters and a face painter and balloon artist! The turnout was incredible and we are so happy that so many residents came out to have fun and hang out with us! Residents even brough[...]
Considering a move to Montreal? Wondering if it’s the right place to suit your needs and lifestyle? As Canada’s second biggest city, this bustling metropolis has so much to offer for everyone. But to help you determine if it’s a smart move for you, here we offer some insight from our perspective on what it’s like to live in Montreal. A Social and Cultural Hub Montreal is without a doubt a unique[...]
Quiconque connaît Montréal sait que l’été est synonyme de la saison des festivals. Musique, humour, art, gastronomie, culture, etc. Il y en a pour tous les goûts! Les festivals gastronomiques sont nos préférés puisque nous avons la chance d’y goûter d’uniques saveurs du monde entier et de nouvelles variations de mets classiques que nous n’aurions jamais pensé goûter. Voici les meilleurs festivals [...]
Anyone that knows Montreal knows that summer is festival season. Music, dance, comedy, art, food, culture, etc. You can find a festival celebrating anything! Food festivals are our favourites because you have the chance to taste unique flavours from all over the world and new twists on food you never thought you would try. Here are the top food festivals to attend this summer in Montreal: Pouti[...]
Vous considérez emménager à Montréal? Avec raison! En tant que plus grande ville de la province bilingue de Québec, Montréal détient également la deuxième plus grande population au Canada, après Toronto. Si vous ne le saviez pas déjà, Montréal est en fait une île, bordée par le fleuve Saint-Laurent, ainsi que l’hôte d’une montagne : le Mont-Royal. La métropole est un centre urbain qui regorge de v[...]
Contemplating Montreal as your new home? You have every reasons to! As the largest city in the bilingual province of Quebec, Montreal also has the second largest population in Canada, after Toronto. If you did not know already, Montreal is actually an island, bordered by the St-Lawrence River, and is the host of a mountain: the Mount Royal. The metropole is a lively urban centre hosting multiple f[...]