Going from high school directly into university or college life can quickly leave students feeling lost and overwhelmed. That’s why so many students have begun to recognize the value in taking a gap year before staring post-secondary studies. Though many people choose to take a gap year to travel the world and experience new cultures, there is also great value to be found in a gap year taken ri[...]
Looking to give your old clothes a second life? Fall is the perfect time to sift through your closet and pile up those old clothes that are no longer serving you well, for whatever reason. Here are some easy ways to help lighten your load and clear out the clutter while helping to serve others who may need them. Donate to Your Favourite Charity Donating them is of course, a great way to get rid [...]
InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lakeview Apartments, a 74 suite mid-rise apartment located at 3 East 37th Street, in Hamilton, Ontario. The building is situated in the Mountain Area of Hamilton, on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, overlooking the City of Hamilton and Lake Ontario. This 1.2 acre property is located in the neighbourhood of Ralei[...]
Looking for your next perfect apartment in Hamilton, Ontario? Stop by our OPEN HOUSE this Saturday, August 26th at Stoney Creek Towers. Perfect for families or young professionals, you will find comfort at Stoney Creek Towers with our four high rise apartment design. With large grassy surroundings outside of the buildings, you will enjoy the summer outdoors with your family or while walking you[...]
Finding the perfect apartment can be overwhelming, especially when you are searching in a large city. CLV Group offers five amazing apartment communities across Hamilton, Ontario – and we are sure to have the perfect apartment for your needs. Let us start by telling you a bit about the Hamilton community. Hamilton is an exciting city with a lot to offer. As the third largest city in Ontario[...]
The many advantages of staying active are well documented. Regular physical activity destresses, energizes, and focuses you. It improves heart and lung health, and gets feel-good endorphin's flowing in the brain. Simply put, staying active improves quality of life. Here are some ways to work fitness into your routine: Join Sports Leagues Not only are sports leagues a great way to stay active, th[...]
Last week, our final Southwestern Ontario barbecue took place at The Lakeshore Club in Burlington, and despite a last minute thunderstorm, the night was a huge success! Residents gathered in the stunning lobby of the building and enjoyed catered foods including sandwiches, pizzas, appetizers and more, and even got to indulge in beer and wine. Many residents brought their own lawn chairs to create [...]
Just moved into your new Burlington apartment? It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and scattered for the first little while after moving. You stand there staring at all those empty boxes and think “Now what?” But you can easily transform your new place into your own homey space in no time. If you’re wondering how to make your new apartment feel like home, here are some simple ways to achieve that. C[...]
Are you being tormented by allergies? When the seasons change and you suddenly start to feel that tickle in your nose, or that itch in your eyes, you know what lays ahead – relentless days and nights of suffering with allergies. For allergy sufferers, the struggle with seasonal or year-round symptoms is a battle that we always seem to end up losing.  But, with a few handy tactics in place, you can[...]
Lakeshore Apartments hosted their annual appreciation BBQ this week and it was a huge success! Hundreds of residents filled the lawn to enjoy games and mingling as well as barbecued foods, and the kids had a blast on the bouncy castle! It was amazing to see the Battleford and Glen Erin community come together and meet their neighbours. We even had some pet residents come out and join in on the [...]