We all know the struggle. Having the intention to spend less and save more is always easier said than done! When you’re living in a beautiful place like Burlington, it’s a pleasure to take advantage of all the great entertainment and attractions around us. But, there are also ways to save while doing these things we love. Avoiding debt and putting savings away without dipping into them is somet[...]
Now that the glitter of the holidays and New Year’s has worn off, the reality of those holiday bills is setting in. We spoke with the experts to find out the best strategies for paying off your debt and starting fresh with healthy finances this year! Read their tips below: Create a Budget First things first, you need a budget. Tracking your money and knowing exactly how much is coming in and how[...]
January offers a fresh slate for everyone to reflect on the past year and make goals for the year ahead. This could be related to academic achievements, professional advancement, or perhaps improvements in physical fitness. With New Year’s resolutions at the top of everyone’s mind, we consulted experts and business professionals on how best to turn these goals into a reality. See below for their t[...]
The New Year is all about starting fresh and putting your best self forward. That means it’s time to shed those excuses for not exercising – whether it’s not having the time, money, or space. The City of Burlington offers a wide variety of Burlington group fitness classes at different locations, including Tansley Woods Community Centre, Haber Recreation Centre, and more, which are fun and will get[...]
Located near Burlington’s downtown core, Maple Bay Apartments (455 Maple Avenue, Burlington) is a six storey building offering spacious and pet friendly 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. From the moment you see 455 Maple Avenue, you will fall in love. From its stunning and newly renovated exterior, beautifully landscaped grounds and updated lobby, you will feel right at home at Maple Bay Apartments.[...]
The holidays are a busy time of the year. Whether you’ve planned some fun away in the sun, or that calendar’s just packed full of festive parties and family gatherings, it’s the ultimate time to indulge, dive into the (spiked) eggnog, and have some holiday fun. Of course, if you’re worried about how safe and secure your apartment is during those times you’re away indulging, it can put a damper on [...]
Last night, our Burlington Team hosted a Holiday Open House, inviting both residents and prospective tenants to the lobby of Rosemount Apartments for holiday treats and drinks, as well as private tours. Residents were encouraged to bring a friend for some holiday fun! Our Customer Care Coordinators helped hand out coffee, tea, hot chocolate, brownies and cookies! Everyone had a great time mingl[...]
Our CLV Group teams love getting involved in  the community, and this past weekend our Burlington Team came  together to participate in Burlington’s 51st Annual Santa Claus Parade. Our team decorated the CLV Group Fiat with holiday décor, including snowflakes on the rims of the wheels and a sled on top with a holiday bear. Spectators of the parade had a chance to win our holiday bear by taking [...]
We all feel it this time of year – unless you started your holiday shopping in July, your bank account is working on overdrive over the month of December gathering the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones. Give your budget a break by attempting some DIY gifts this holiday season! DIY gifts can be just as beautiful as something you would buy at the store, and they hold an extra[...]
On Monday night, our Lakeshore Club residents were invited to the lobby to prepare for the holidays! Residents indulged in hot chocolate and cookies and had the opportunity to mingle and help decorate the lobby and community holiday tree, kindly donated by the Lakeshore Club’s superintendent. LED lights and ornaments were provided for the tree, and residents did a spectacular job making the tree [...]