Now that the glitter of the holidays and New Year’s has worn off, the reality of those holiday bills is setting in. We spoke with the experts to find out the best strategies for paying off your debt and starting fresh with healthy finances this year! Read their tips below: Create a Budget First things first, you need a budget. Tracking your money and knowing exactly how much is coming in and how[...]
February 4th kicks off 10 days of winter fun in Hamilton with Winterfest 2017. During this festival, you and the family can explore the city of Hamilton and take in some of the activities that are happening in and around the city to celebrate how much we cherish our Canadian winter. So gear up for some winter fun with some of these festivities that you and the family will love! Winter Activities [...]
January offers a fresh slate for everyone to reflect on the past year and make goals for the year ahead. This could be related to academic achievements, professional advancement, or perhaps improvements in physical fitness. With New Year’s resolutions at the top of everyone’s mind, we consulted experts and business professionals on how best to turn these goals into a reality. See below for their t[...]
Looking for your next perfect apartment in Hamilton, Ontario? Stop by our OPEN HOUSE this Saturday, January 28th at Stoney Creek Towers. Nestled within the community of Stoney Creek in Hamilton, Stoney Creek Towers offers affordable apartment living at a prime location. Located minutes from the Red Hill Valley Parkway, the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), Stoney Creek Towers provides convenient access [...]
Gearing up for a new semester can be a challenge when it comes to motivating your body and mind to enter back into that scholarly zone. But preparing and getting things organized before the second semester arrives can be one of the most important factors in academic success. To help kick-start your second semester off on the right foot (and maintain it), here are some tips to help get both your bo[...]
‘Tis the season for cozying up under warm blankets, taking in the holiday events around the city, and of course, indulging in festivities with family and friends. You can head out on the town in Hamilton and spend some time at the Waterfront Festival of Lights, admire the adorned holiday tree at City Hall, or take in a show, like the Elvis Christmas Special. And what better way to top off the d[...]
Welcome to 775 Concession St in Hamilton, Ontario! Call 775 Concession St home by choosing one of our four story all-brick buildings that are located at the heart of the Mountain neighbourhood in Hamilton. Put a rush on your apartment hunt and explore our beautiful setting, must-have amenities and highly desirable community at 775 Concession St. 775 Concession St offers a spectacular view of[...]
We all feel it this time of year – unless you started your holiday shopping in July, your bank account is working on overdrive over the month of December gathering the perfect gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones. Give your budget a break by attempting some DIY gifts this holiday season! DIY gifts can be just as beautiful as something you would buy at the store, and they hold an extra[...]
When you move to an entirely new city, it can feel lonely at first – but don’t fret! Making new friends forces us to step outside of our comfort zone, but it becomes easier over time to engage in conversation and make a follow-up plan as you begin to meet new people. If you’re thinking of moving to Hamilton, or you’ve recently moved to Hamilton, here are some ways that you can help yourself step o[...]
We love hearing from our residents! Below is a review from one of our residents at 157 Pearl Street, located in Hamilton, ON. “Writing a review regarding Donna Stinson and the amazing job she does daily to keep 157 Pearl Street very clean and smelling amazing! Donna is very helpful and extremely friendly with all the apartment rentals! She goes over and above to make certain your needs are [...]