When it’s dull, cold and less than inspiring outside, there’s no better way to liven the mood than by transforming your apartment into your own cozy oasis. With a few simple additions, you’ll see that making your Montreal apartment into a winter wonderland is easier than you think! Here are some creative ways to make your space cozy, warm and inviting to help you get through those long, winter day[...]
The holidays can be a very chaotic time, and juggling work and life events with shopping isn’t always an easy thing to do. So when you’re down to the wire and pressed for time – we have you covered! Here are a few cool Burlington shops to get your last minute gifts at. Casteleyn Belgian Chocolatiers When you’re stuck for a last minute gift for a friend or anyone who has a serious sweet tooth, ma[...]
With beach days long behind us and the winter season in plain view, November can be a tough month to get through here in Canada. With a tendency to be a dull, cold, and dreary time of year, it can be hard not to succumb to those pre-winter blues. So how can you beat them and stay motivated? Here are our top five tips for avoiding the November blues this year. Keep Exercising As the dreary weathe[...]
Are you considering a move to Montreal for school? Well, we think it’s a move you won’t regret, especially since it was named the world’s best city for students just last year! Learn more about Canada’s “cultural capital” and what our favourite parts about being a student in Montreal include. Montreal Embraces the Winter This four-seasoned city knows how to have fun any time of year. And in wint[...]
Love food as much as we do? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The city of Ottawa is brimming with a diverse range of mouth-watering delights from around the world. From food trucks to trendy bistros, to fine dining, there’s something for everyone here. To satisfy your taste buds, here's an overview of Ottawa’s top areas to check out for the aspiring foodie. The ByWard Market The Byward Mark[...]
  We know you don’t want to hear it, it’s something almost everyone has been avoiding the thought of – Winter. As Canadian’s, historically we’re well known for handling winter, however that doesn’t mean it gets any easier year after year – but that’s okay, we’re here to help. As you’re probably going to be hibernating this winter like the rest of us, we felt we could share some tips and[...]
Looking for ideas to plan your night out in Ottawa? Whether you’re looking to celebrate an event, spend time with your person, or simply blow off some steam, we’ve got you covered! Here is our guide to the ultimate night out in Ottawa, no matter what type of night you’re aiming to have. The Late-Night Partygoer For late-night partygoers who love to get fired up once the sun goes down, there are [...]
With the fresh fall air, aromas of pumpkin spice, and eerie, ghoulish atmosphere lingering about, Halloween is arguably one of the best times of the year. If you’re gearing up for Halloween in Montreal, there are plenty of spooktacular events and activities happening all throughout the city. From Halloween-themed club nights to ghost hunts, to zombie walks — there’s no shortage of ways to get [...]
It’s hard to have a productive work-day when you’re running on little sleep. Here are a couple tips on how to improve your night-time routine so you can feel well-rested and tackle your day head first! Night Mode Exposure to blue light tricks your body into believing it’s still daytime. Most phones and some apps have a night mode enabled that stops your cellular device from emitting blue light[...]
Soaking up every available moment that’s left of the summer can make the fall season roll in pretty quickly. Before the cooler temperatures catch you off guard, make sure your home is prepared using these six tips to get your Burlington apartment ready for fall. Get Your Entranceway Ready Since the fall and winter months require multiple layers for keeping cozy and warm, it's a good time now to [...]