Alex Hill


My experience with CLV Group has been very good, They have been very nice to me and my partner. I have never had any problems with them. When I ask them questions, they get back to me, keep me informed about change to my building etc… My landlord has been good to us, helps anyway they can when it comes to problem we have at unit. The building manger is good when we have a problem in unit. Overall CLV group has been the best experience I have ever been with. The units are very well done, the rent is affordable. The only thing I can think about is wrong with the garbage shut next door to our unit, Some people put garbage bag or box right in front of where you are suppose to put garbage in the shoot, but you cant even get in because of the door being block by boxes and garbage bags in front of the door. I always throw my garbage out in the basement where it is suppose to be. I am saying this because the garbage is have cockroaches, and some has come in my unit, but it dealt with now. I do know there is a notice say don’t throw garbage there, but some people don’t read it or respect the notice. Other that we don’t have any real problems. My partner and I enjoy the staff, how fast they get the problem done dealt with fast. Keep up the good work CLV group.