Amy Spirito


I have lived here at the Rosemount for about 6 months now and I have to say that I really love living here. The people who are my neighbours are nearly always friendly and have a kind word to say. The amenities in this building are also fantastic. The laundry room is always tidy and machines are always clean – there is nothing worse than washing your clothes in a dirty machine. My apartment is perfect for me as well! I love the kitchen with it’s new appliances, particularly the dishwasher. I also have a dog here with me and she is greeted by everyone in a friendly manner – most especially by the staff. I suppose that brings me to the people who work here. Everyone here is really friendly – they have all taken the time to learn my name and always ask how I’m doing when they see me. Whenever I have to visit the office with a question or concern it is answered promptly and with enthusiasm. I am never left waiting, in fact, I generally end up feeling welcomed. The rental agent I worked with, Jody, was so kind and welcoming from the moment I called. Since then, whenever I have seen her she remembers to ask me about my job, my dog or just how things are going. She always manages to make me feel welcome and never like I’m intruding on her time – it’s a great feeling when you can feel that comfort in a new place and I know I appreciate it. There are a lot of things that make living here great and perfect for me. But the best of all is certainly the people who live and work here. They make this place feel like a home for me – and that’s what we all want in the end, isn’t it? Thank you Rosemount!