France Gagnon


My experience with CLV as a property management group has been very positive. Twice, I have had problems with noisy neighbours that were keeping me up at night because of all the stomping above my bedroom, or the running and jumping in the unit above mine. Kelly has been superb in handling these delicate situations in a professional and compassionate manner. I am moving out, not because I do not like my apartment, which is lovely, but because the units are too noisy. Hardwood floors carry sound a LOT! I have had an opportunity to move to another property management company but chose to stay with CLV. The service has been exemplar in both cases. Kelly is fantastic and very personable. So is Rhoda, the rental agent where I am going to (well, hopefully). She is my inspiration for when I officially join the senior citizen group (which is soon). Lovely lady, very personable, and niiiiiice! All the very best to CLV! Cheers, France