Guy Antonuk


I’m comparing to other people’s stories that have rented in privately owned apartment buildings and a few that live in high-rise own by large corporations. Relative to these properties and the experiences of these individuals, I’d have to say CLV is superior. I also take into account these are apartments and not luxury condos. You get what you pay for. If you want first class royalty luxury service, you need to fork over the money. Where I live, all the repairs and maintenance I needed were all done within a reasonable time by CLV. They also even have an “Emergency Line” which is just for that. Only had to call 3 times since 2007. All calls were promptly answered. Considering the area manager maintains 800+ units, it’s not bad at all. The guys do their best with the resources they have at hand plus the 100’s of calls and jobs they have on a weekly basis. CLV will give you the email for the area manager which greatly improves communication and responses. Personally, I’m satisfied. Hey, besides, the internet is there for anyone to use. Do your research!