Johnny Blaze


Reanne Ghadban has been absolutely amazing in helping us find, and even adjust to not only a new home, but also an entirely new city. Not just for me, but most importantly for my two kids as well. She is an outstanding sales rep. but an even better person. Her loyalty, and love for her job with CLV Group, is quite evident right out of the gate. But her honesty and great personality really helped us to make our decision. Her willingness to go far and above what we expected, her kindness to my kids, and her unwavering professionalism, is what ended up being the biggest factors in our decision to move here. But even after we bought the ticket, she made sure we were also having a fun ride too, and THAT’s rare! Reanne is definitely a keeper! Since we’ve been here, we’ve also had a great experience in dealing with Jody Frame, Mike, Tom and Brent as well! The staff here is awesome, and as a team they are even better! We definitely appreciate what the CLV Group, Reanne, Jody, Mike, Tom and Brent have done for us, and the professionalism and courtesy that has come along with it! Thank You all very much!