Judy Roberts


My experience with CLV has been mostly positive from the beginning, starting with the viewing of the apartment – the viewing agent was easily reachable and accommodating to our schedule when we only had a few hours to view apartments in Ottawa in a single day. Once we made our decision (on the same day – a Friday) everything fell into place quickly. The paperwork is a bit daunting but it is I think the same thing for any management company – credit check, etc. although they also require a CPIC which I’m not sure is standard, but still a good thing. Any issues we have had with the apartment have been dealt with promptly – CLV have a person who is dedicated to looking after your particular building and you are given direct access to that person, so reporting of problems has been quick and efficient and efficiently dealt with usually within a day. The 2 people that I have dealt with at CLV are Angela Squirrel in the office and Heather Baker, who is our maintenance contact person. Both are always there through email or phone and are responsive and caring. The only problem that we have had is that our building while older and charming is a heritage building with an antiquated heating system that does cause problems. CLV has been prompt in dealing with issues that come up with the heating system but it seems to me that sooner or later they are going to need to bite the bullet and replace it. I would highly recommend CLV if you are contemplating renting a unit through them. Judy L. Roberts