Reynaldo Jr. Agaloos


We’re happy and excited to move to our new home at 2386 New street. Right from the start their sincere welcoming attitude and their pleasantly positive personality is one of the many things that made us drawn to this place. Jody Frame is very accommodating and made me and my wife feel secured and taken care of. We’ve been looking for a place to move into for a bit of time and had have some ups and downs in the process.Thankfully we came across this place and all our worries put a side. The renovation that they’ve already done in the place really makes a difference on the environment and the upgrades that they’re doing to the units are really put together and well thought out. Just look at the photos and it’s enough to speak for itself. We just like to extend our thanks and gratitude to the CLV Group most specially Jody Frame for making this experience a positive and definitely an unforgettable one. We look forward in moving in and being part of this community.