On Friday, September, 21st 2018, Ottawa and the surrounding area experienced something never before seen in the National Capital Region (NCR). Environment Canada confirmed that six tornados touched down in the NCR with speeds reaching up to 265 km/h, also known as an EF3 tornado. Ottawa’s Nepean neighbourhood, Gatineau, and Dunrobin were hit the hardest, however many neighbourhoods experienced exc[...]
Annuradha Gulati Senior Financial Analyst What drew you to the world of Finance/Accounting?  Since a very young age, I was taught to be wealth smart which led to my curiosity with numbers and analysis. I think everyone should have an interest in finance as it is an integral part of our daily life. Why InterRent and CLV Group? I have always had an interest to learn and to be a part o[...]
Want to test any kind of relationship with any kind of person? Live with them. Roommationships are hard to form, and a good roommationship is hard to find. Sometimes it takes dozens of roommationships to finally learn how to live functionally with another person. Schedule conflicts, lifestyle differences, house guests, cleaning duties, all of these can add tension to a roommationship, and if not a[...]
We’re looking for part-time Brand Ambassadors for our London and GTA properties! For more information on these positions (and others!) check out www.clvgroup.com/employment_opportunities. Know someone who would be the perfect fit for this role? Referrals are welcome! Please email all cover letters and CVs to hiring@clvgroup.com
Don't get us wrong, buying a home instead of renting has its advantages. It can be viewed as an investment, you have more control over the property, and when people ask, you can tell them it's yours! ALL YOURS! Renting, however, offers its own benefits. Two main advantages of renting are maintenance costs and monthly costs. More control means more maintenance which means more costs. Start-up co[...]