Want to test any kind of relationship with any kind of person? Live with them. Roommationships are hard to form, and a good roommationship is hard to find. Sometimes it takes dozens of roommationships to finally learn how to live functionally with another person. Schedule conflicts, lifestyle differences, house guests, cleaning duties, all of these can add tension to a roommationship, and if not a[...]
After what seemed like an eternity of winter and snow in Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal, heck.... CANADA, it's beginning to look like spring is starting to unpack its bags and settle in. HURRAY! Give us all a minute spring, let us tidy up a bit. If you're living in or renting an apartment, you know exactly what I'm talking about - things can get a little cluttered during the winter months. Why is s[...]
Here's a quick heads up, residents and friends: We're posting more fun stuff to ‪‎Instagram‬ each and every day! If you're an IG user — and we know a few of you are — we'd like to invite you to follow us to see more of what we're up to and get a ‪sneak peek ‬into our amazing ‎apartment ‪renovation projects! We'll see you over there. www.instagram.com/clvgroup 
What a great week it has been enjoying the sunshine and cool treats with our residents at our annual Customer Appreciation BBQs! "I appreciate the prompt responses from the building manager." – Kerri, an Arbor Village Resident Grill Master Catering has been serving up delicious fare, and our BBQs give our residents a chance to mix and mingle with their neighbours, helping to foster a tru[...]
So you did it! You survived your first year of school, living away from home in residence. What now though? Students looking for their first apartment for rent sometimes get so caught up in the excitement that they often don't remember how overwhelming it can be!  To try to help limit the stress, here are some particularly useful tips. Secure your rental apartment EARLY! Find a place and get it [...]