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CLV Group

50 Years Of Excellency

Building off of CLV Group’s five decades of unmatched residential real estate experience, CLV Group Developments oversees each step of the development process, from municipal entitlements process all the way through the lease-up and delivery of high-quality apartment suites.

About CLV Group
  • Property Acquisitions

    Over time, we have established a proven track record of identifying under-utilized development land in prime locations and minimizing up-front risk through a detailed due diligence process.

  • Municipal Entitlements

    Our knowledge and expertise in the municipal entitlements provide peace of mind through our ability to navigate the complicated nature these application processes. We have extensive experience in the Official Plan Amendment, Zoning-By-Law Amendment, Site Plan Control and Severance applications with municipalities across Ontario.

  • Design Process

    Our expertise in the design process lets us monitor the progress of a development through its initial conceptual stage down to its detail design phases. Our attention to detail, focus on practical design, and experience in property management ensure developments are designed with a quality resident experience in mind.

  • Construction Oversight

    We work closely with residential construction experts and enjoy strong relationships with trades. Our budgetary oversight ensures the financial health of the development throughout its construction phase. We recognize the value of high-quality construction as it facilitates the viability of the long-term project ownership of our developments.

  • Project Close-Out

    Our quality assurance and control oversight ensure that our developments reach the desired level of high-quality design and finish. With a keen eye for detail, we take great care to deliver high-quality residences and a create a sense of community that residents are proud to call home.

  • Marketing & Lease-Up

    CLV Group’s large and varied portfolio of residential properties has allowed us to gain a large depth of experience in marketing & lease-up. We offer industry-leading marketing and sales groups that have learned from and adopted best practices from across North America.


50 Years Of Excellency

Responsible Leadership means working towards a better world for all. At CLV Group Developments we are committed to making a positive impact in the community, embracing sustainable environmental practices, and promoting an inclusive and safe workplace for all.



We are dedicated to working with our communities to develop projects that benefit all our stakeholders. Our open and transparent design process welcomes community input through public consultation sessions and community meetings. We put communities first, and in working together we ensure that our long-term vision also benefits the surrounding neighbourhood.



Through energy saving initiatives, implementation of Smart Building control systems and recycling programs, we are committed towards reducing our environmental impact. Development projects are scrutinized through third-party energy modeling and our in-house energy management team in order to ensure efficient building systems at no sacrifice to resident comfort.



We take pride in the great diversity of expression and talent in our company, and we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We strive for an open and inclusive culture and implement design practices that are accessible to all members of our communities.