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If you are planning on moving, you must provide a written notice of termination to the landlord.

Required Written Notice
In Ontario your written notice must be provided 60-days prior to your intended move-out date. This will always fall on the first of the month. Any variances or deviations from this should be addressed with the appropriate leasing administrator.

Please Note: The termination date MUST be in accordance with the last day of your lease agreement, if you are not already a month-to-month tenant.

In Quebec should resident(s) need to vacate at expiry of term, the resident must provide the Landlord with 90 clear days notice in writing no later than the 1st of the month.

***** Quebec residents: For other request to terminate, please communicate with your site office directly *****

Written notice to terminate a lease must be submitted to your leasing admin. It can be sent by email, fax, or mailed to your area site office. It must include:

 Name/signature of all lessees' (excluding guarantors)

 Address for termination, including building and unit number

 Date you wish to terminate


Example of Proper Notice
If your lease agreement ends on August 31 2014, your written notice must be delivered to your lease administrator by July 1 2014.

Notice to Vacate Form
To ensure you submit all of the required information, please download the PDF version of CLV Group's standard "Notice to Vacate Form". Once the form has been completed, please ensure all tenants on the lease have signed the form and deliver to CLV Group's corporate head office or mail to:

c/o Leasing Department
Suite 200 - 485 Bank Street
Ottawa ON, K2P 1Z2