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Our Background

With such an expansive portfolio of residential and commercial units, CLV Group initiated an in-house Construction and Development Division in order to lower maintenance and capital repair costs within the existing portfolio.

The division specializes in major renovation projects, which include projects that have exceeded $500 Million in total value.

Drawing from our extensive industry experience, our hands-on approach enables us to provide superior consulting, estimating and project management. CLV Group takes pride in providing exceptional quality and craftsmanship on each project. 

Accomplishments in Construction

CLV Group has been involved in many successful construction and redevelopment endeavors. The following are just a few projects undertaken in the past.

218 MacLaren - 46 Unit Apartment Building

This property was extensively renovated throughout including mechanical systems, exterior and common area upgrades and individual unit upgrades. Mechanical systems improvements were made to lower ongoing utility costs and improve delivery of heat and hot water. Exterior upgrades included new balcony railings, entrance canopy, landscaping and new paving. Common area improvements were also made to the property including a new grand entrance with wireless lounge, hallway improvements and an addition of a fitness centre. Unit upgrades consisted of new kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and lighting. These improvements resulted in a significant increase in rents and property value for the owners as well as comfort and satisfaction in the residents of the building.

Downtown Heritage Buildings Portfolio - 4 Apartment Buildings

CLV Construction represented a group of investors in renovating and retrofitting a portfolio of 4 apartment buildings, ranging from 22 units to 35 units. These buildings were near turn of the century construction with heritage flair. CLV Construction managed the installation of a new HVAC system to reduce energy consumption, upgraded all the common areas and interior unit elements. Individual units were outfitted with modern kitchens and bathrooms while maintaining the heritage flair that made these buildings unique. The improvements took place over 3 months and created a significant increase in value for the owners.

Rosemount Apartments – Combined 238 Unit Apartment Buildings

As part of a complete construction and renovation plan, CLV Group Construction took 2386 & 2400 New Street to a new level. Building renovations included complete balcony restorations, extensive landscaping, new site paving, the installation of new mechanical and operational systems, and more. Upgrades were provided to all interior common areas, with the addition of an exterior pavilion, BBQ section and mini putt area, and the construction of new media and fitness centres. With the development of 8 additional units, the upgrades have set a new standard of rental expectation and resulted in an increase in rents and property value.

Lakeshore Apartments – 416 Unit High-Rise and Townhome Community

With a focus on resident comfort and safety, the renovations at 2757 Battleford and 6599 Glen Erin were part of a total upgrade. Exterior upgrades included new townhome entrances, refinished building facades, roofing repairs, and the renovation of pool area. Common areas were improved by upgrading the elevators, lobbies, and all interior amenities. As part of a conscious and ongoing effort to improve our environmental impact and the safety of our residents, we replaced all the older gas fireplaces with new electric models.