Oakville Apartments

Living in Oakville

CLV Group offers a variety of spacious apartments in Oakville. With a wide variety of bachelor, one and two-bedroom apartments, you are sure to find a home to suit your needs. Each one of our exceptional apartments offers its fair share of amenities and perks to for your convenience. For more information or assistance on rentals in Oakville, please contact one of our Community Leasing Agents.

Enjoy the diverse and welcoming nature of the Greater Toronto area without having to be in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Oakville is conveniently located between Hamilton and Toronto, so you never have to travel far to enjoy big city living. Combined with the expected conveniences and amenities, Oakville offers renters an opportunity to take in Canada's lush flora, with expansive outdoor areas for you to enjoy. The city is a great suburban location – a fact highlighted by its scenic harbours, lively shopping districts, passionate arts community, and a selection of the best dining spots in the Greater Toronto Area.

Festivals & Attractions
Oakville's proximity to Lake Ontario offers residents a peaceful and tranquil lifestyle. However, life is far from boring here – the area includes expansive amounts of parkland, hundreds of kilometres of trails, and more parks, garden plots and dog parks than you can shake a stick at for Fido. Due to its ideal location, Oakville boasts some of the best weather recorded in Canada, so outdoor activities are a part of daily life for residents. Three major business zones makeup the commercial life of the area, each packed with their share of vibrant stores and delicious restaurants. The city also hosts many festivals and events including the Oakville Waterfront Festival,  Midnight Madness,  Family Ribfest, and the Festivals of Film & Art.

Lifestyle & Entertainment
Oakville is a prime location for a diverse group of Canadians. The city's vibrant culture is only supplemented by its entertainment and lifestyle. With plenty of outdoor activities to choose from Oakville is a perfect home for outdoor enthusiasts, families and young people looking to escape the city. Connoisseurs of cuisine can also relish in the great selection of restaurants. CLV Group's apartments for rent in Oakville are conveniently located near multiple parks, restaurants, and even a museum. Life here is anything but dull!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is Oakville safe?

    Absolutely. Like any town or city, there are areas that are best avoided at night, but Oakville and its particularly prominent percentage of residential developments makes it more suburban in feel, depending on where you live. It’s a very peaceful, welcoming area with plenty of local schools and public services, making it ideal for young and growing families. Consider exploring the area at your leisure to get a feel for it – an in-person impression is often the best kind!

  • Q: How much does an apartment cost in Oakville?

    The cost of living in Oakville is comparable to that of Mississauga and Hamilton, and generally lower than within Toronto itself. This is good news for folks seeking a more cost-effective place to call home without giving up transit access, great shopping and entertainment, and new career opportunities. If you’re unsure which apartments for rent are best suited for your budget, get in touch with us at CLV Group today. We’re happy to lend a hand!

  • Q: Is Oakville good for commuters?

    Absolutely. Situated between Hamilton and Mississauga, it’s ideal for getting around either by car or public transit. The GO train network, VIA rail, and local bus operators are some of the most effective ways of travelling to and from work. Alternatively, if you’re keen on exploring local landmarks, shopping, dining or otherwise, the many local thoroughfares and major roadways ensure quick and convenient access to the Greater Toronto Area’s many delights.

  • Q: Why should I live in Oakville?

    Oakville is a bustling, lively area rich in things to see, do, and experience for all ages and lifestyles. Whether you’re a young and ambitious commuter, a senior couple keen on downsizing and enjoying local parks, or otherwise, there’s sure to be an ideal property to rent in Oakville that will suit your preferences. Don’t forget to contact us if you need help in narrowing your search!

  • Q: Is Oakville a nice place to live?

    Definitely! In fact, in a 2018 ranking of 415 towns and cities in Canada, MoneySense Magazine listed Oakville as the best place in which to live out of all of them. It’s more affordable compared to larger nearby cities, offers streamlined access to transportation and major arteries, and is continuing to grow and thrive as the years go on.

    Want to learn more about life in Oakville? We’d be happy to help you cross the threshold into a beautiful, spacious new apartment for rent in the area.Contact us today at CLV Group to begin your search – and to start narrowing down options!