Community Improvements

CLV Group is driven with the goal of building better communities. This means implementing sustainable practices across our portfolio and within our company to better the lives of everyone around us. We invest in our properties in a number of ways to ensure they are as efficient as possible. Our improvements have included:

  • Installation of electric car charging stations for resident use
  • Upgrading to Energy Star appliances to reduce consumption
  • Implementation of solar lights for both efficiency and safety
  • Improving boiler systems to high efficiency boilers
  • Installation of programmable Wi-Fi thermostats in select buildings
  • Reusing waste heat through micro cogeneration at LIV Apartments 

Programs & Initiatives

We are also passionate about implementing green initiatives at the company level. Our teams have taken the lead on many sustainability projects, and have seen great success. Some of these projects include:

Recycling Program

At our Ottawa office the Green Team, a group of volunteers throughout the office, joined together to implement a recycling program. Items such as paper, plastic, metal, glass, electronics, Keurig coffee pods, printer cartridges and even used pens and markers are now efficiently recycled every week.

Energy Efficient Technologies

Throughout our offices and residential properties we use energy efficient appliance, timed lights and smart thermostats wherever possible.

Training for Employees

With exciting opportunities including an annual Energy Management Hunt, new training facility and more, CLV is eager to get its staff involved in saving energy across our portfolio.

This dedication to the environment has even lead to the creation of a new department at CLV Group, the Energy Management Team. With a passion for going green, this team has increased our participation and accountability in this important topic. Some of their accomplishments so far include:

Getting Feedback and Caring About the Results

Increasing communication with residents through surveys and feedback on energy saving initiatives.

Investing in Technology that Benefits All

Implementation of technologies such as domestic hot water heat pumps, which use renewable energy to produce domestic hot water.

Monitoring and Creating Action Plans

Continuously auditing the performance of our properties, monitoring outliers and creating action plans for improvement.