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5 Local Tips for New Burlington Residents

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If you’ve just moved to Burlington, you’ll likely want to get out and explore the area and meet new people. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are 5 local tips for new Burlington residents to help you get more acquainted with your new home.

Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens

Canada’s largest botanical gardens are located right here in Burlington. Featuring over 900 hectares of outdoor gardens, 27 km of trails, a beautiful greenhouse, and 3 restaurants, there’s plenty to see and do here year-round. The RBG also hosts a number of events, as well as over 200 courses and workshops for families, kids, and adults in the area. From gardening classes to yoga classes, cooking classes, and speaker series, a day at the RGB is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the community and meet new like-minded people.

Check Out the Art Gallery

Burlington is also home to an award-winning public art gallery and community art center – the AGB. Open 362 days, 74 hours a week with free admission, the AGB is accessible to everyone. With over 44,000 square feet of gallery, studio, and conservatory space, it’s one of the best places to go to see Canadian art and the biggest collection of contemporary Canadian ceramics on display. The Art Gallery of Burlington also hosts a number of events, special exhibitions, and classes throughout the year that are well worth checking out. They even offer drop-in hours for those looking for studio space to work in.

Explore the Many Parks and Conservation Areas

Nature lovers will enjoy just how close they are to a number of beautiful parks and conservation areas. Crawford Lake, Rattlesnake Point, Mountsberg, and Mount Nemo Conservation feature some of the most spectacular views in the area. Local parks like Lowville and LaSalle offer picnic areas and hiking trails that are perfect for an afternoon stroll as well. Burlington even has its own beach at Beachway Park, where you can canoe, paddle or simply relax on a sunny day. 

Take a Walking Tour

If you want to get out and explore the downtown more, Heritage Burlington has a number of walking tour guides that you can pick up at the Tourism Burlington Centre at 414 Locust Street. The Neighbourhood tour and Downtown Burlington tour will show you some of Burlington’s most distinguished neighbourhoods and buildings firsthand. If art is your thing, The Art and the City walking tour will showcase some of the city’s most prominent artwork found within the downtown area.

Join a Group

Another way to meet new people in the city is to join a group, and Burlington has lots of them. From the Girly Book Club group, Hamilton & Burlington Premier Social Club, Live Music Meetup, and the Burlington Running Club, there’s something for everyone here to connect with other locals just like yourself.

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