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A Curated List of Ottawa’s Vintage and Antique Hotspots

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Whether you're an avid collector, a casual shopper, or simply someone with an appreciation for the beauty and craftsmanship of the past, Ottawa has vintage and antique stores galore that promise an intriguing journey through time. Join us as we explore some of the best and most popular vintage hotspots, where every item has a story, and every visit offers a chance to uncover something truly extraordinary.

Ottawa Antique Market

The Ottawa Antique Market, located in Old Ottawa South, is the number one antique market in Ottawa for a reason—with 25 different vendors and a huge warehouse space, it sells a little bit of everything and promises interesting new finds with every visit. 


Highjinx is a unique Ottawa business that sells donated items. Its focus is on helping the local community. By buying and selling items through Highjinx, you’re directly helping individuals and families in Centertown access basic necessities like food and furniture. 

Nostalgia Warehouse

Looking for vintage comics and geeky collectables? Nostalgia Warehouse in Hintonburg should be your first stop. From toy cars to vintage dolls, this store offers a, you guessed it, nostalgic journey back to childhood for everyone—no matter your age. 

Aubrey’s Antiques

Aubrey’s Antiques may not be in the heart of Ottawa, but it’s worth a trek out to South Gloucester to browse their unique collection. While their participation in most Ontario outdoor antique markets makes them a staple of the summertime antique scene, you can visit their main shop during any season. 

Stittsville’s Vintage Market

Stittsville’s Vintage Market, formerly the Carp Road Flea Market, is a must-see for anyone interested in adding a retro flare to their life and decor. Alongside old-school video games and decorations, you can browse the Barbie Museum, a collection of dolls curated over the last 50 years. 

Green Wall Vintage

If you’re interested in the mid-century modern style, Green Wall Vintage is just the place to find some new-to-you furniture and decor for your home. While you can make an appointment to check out some of their more sought-after and vintage pieces at their location just outside of Vars, they also post regular shop hours on their Facebook page.

Yardley’s Antiques

With over 35 years in business, Yardley’s Antiques is an Old Ottawa South staple and a must-visit for all your antique furniture and lighting needs. The shop’s vast experience and keen eye for quality ensure that every item in their collection, from elegant Victorian pieces to rustic farmhouse decor, is both authentic and of exceptional craftsmanship.

Darling Vintage

If you’re looking for vintage clothing in Centertown, Darling Vintage should be your next stop. This boutique specializes in a meticulously curated selection of garments and accessories, offering timeless elegance from the roaring twenties to the swinging sixties. Every piece tells its own story of sophistication and style.

Ready to Explore Ottawa’s Vintage Scene?

Whether you're in search of a rare collectible, a piece of vintage fashion, or simply eager to browse through memories of times gone by, Ottawa's vintage and antique hotspots provide a treasure trove of opportunities. 

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