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How to Elevate Your Houseplants

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How to Elevate Your Houseplants

Want to up your plant game? Decorating with greenery can make your apartment come to life, bringing freshness and airiness to the room. If you’re looking for some insta-worthy ideas on how to elevate your houseplants, we have some simple tips that can help you create the right look and vibe for your space. Let’s explore these ideas in more detail.

Hanging Plants

The 70s hanging macrame plant holders are back in full force. This retro style is perfect for any space, but it’s especially handy for anyone living in an apartment with limited floor space. You can spend a crafty weekend creating your own plant holders and then add them near your windows for a pop of greenery that’ll spruce up your interior instantly. 

Mix Odd Numbers and Different Sizes 

One of the most common arrangements is having one large plant alongside two other plants that are smaller in height. Try bunching them together or stretching them out at a distance until you find a look that you like. Even numbers can make your room look too symmetrical and formal. So, odd numbers with different heights and widths will ensure your space and plants catch the eye and avoid looking too plain.

Get Creative with Your Planters

There are so many unique and funky-looking planters today. No matter your style, you can find a planter that will work perfectly. Adding a colourful pot or even upcycling something like an old metallic watering container can add some creative flair to your space. A simple twist like this can brighten and liven up a room with minimal effort.

Decorate Your Walls with Plants

If your walls lack colour and you don’t have any art to hang, decorate them with plants instead. You can find wall planters at most home or garden centre stores. Choose some herbs or any small, low-maintenance plants and place them on a wall with a few other select pieces to tie them together. You can find lots of examples on Pinterest to get you inspired.

Build a Terrarium

If you’re bored and in the mood to get a little crafty, create a terrarium to add a statement piece to your coffee table, home office or any tabletop. Hop on to YouTube to find simple tutorials that show you how to build one step by step, or head to your local garden centre to pick up a kit and get some advice from the pros.

Mix Colours and Textures

A simple tip that many interior decorators use to spruce up a room is mixing colours with textures, which also applies to plants. This is an easy way to create an eye-catching display if your plant game looks and feels a tad on the boring side. The key is to think about contrast. For example, if you have minimalist interior designs and furniture, you can choose houseplants that have more details and edginess to help them stand out. On the other hand, if your space is more maximalist, try plants that have smooth and simple textures.

Make Use of Vertical Lines

Designing your apartment with vertical details can make your space look bigger and attract attention to specific areas, like a mantle or art on your walls. You can apply this rule to your houseplants by finding greenery that grows upward, such as snake plants. Additionally, try placing downward-trailing vines, like string of hearts, on shelves or above furniture you’d like to make statement pieces.

With these tricks up your sleeve, you can elevate your space in no time. If you’re looking for the perfect place to put these houseplant tips to the test, CLV Group has lots of apartment options in many cities across Canada. Visit our website to view our current listings.