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Make a Difference in Ottawa: 5 Incredible Volunteer Opportunities!

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Looking to volunteer for a good cause in Ottawa? There are a ton of organizations and opportunities for you to give back, help out and feel great doing it. Plus, you get to engage with others, make new friends, and gain some valuable skills during the process. Whether you have an idea of what you’re looking for or are simply searching for anything that inspires you to lend a hand, here are the top volunteer opportunities in Ottawa for you to consider year-round.

1. Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank provides food to our Ottawa community who are living with hunger. This organization collaborates with various food programs, including shelters, and community kitchens, to provide essential support to those in need. Their mission extends beyond putting food on people’s tables; they are also committed to building a stronger and more sustainable community where everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.  

The Ottawa Food Bank hosts volunteer information sessions that every volunteer must attend – whether student, individual or family – to learn about the opportunities available and the type of help that’s needed. You can find out more information and details on their website.

2. Ottawa Little Theatre

Love theatre and the arts? Want to get involved and work on the stage? Well, the Ottawa Little Theatre is a great option for you! This non-profit theatre relies on over 50,000 volunteers each year to help make its productions possible. Whether you’re interested in acting, working backstage, or joining a committee, check out their website for more details. This is an exciting environment to engage with others and help support the arts and theatre culture that make this city so great.

3. Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa

In the pursuit of making Ottawa a city where everyone has a place to call home, the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa has emerged as a leading force in addressing the complexities of homelessness. This organization brings together individuals, community groups, government agencies, and service providers with a shared mission of ending homelessness and ensuring every person in the Capital has access to safe and affordable housing. 

Opportunities to support this organization’s work include advocacy, research, event planning, working on the committee, and more.

4. Ottawa Dog Rescue

Are you a dog lover? Ottawa Dog Rescue is a non-profit focusing on rescue dogs that need temporary foster homes until they can find their fur-ever homes. They have both short-term and long-term options available: You can foster a dog, get involved in fundraising efforts, help out at special events, and more.

5. Cornerstone Housing for Women

With a strong commitment to providing safe and supportive housing for women experiencing homelessness, Cornerstone Housing offers a range of programs aimed at empowering these individuals and helping them rebuild their lives.

This organization recognizes that a safe and stable home is the foundation for personal growth and independence. It provides a supportive environment where women can access resources, develop life skills, and gain the confidence they need to thrive. Some volunteer opportunities available include shelter support, running workshops, fundraising, and more.

Every Helping Hand Counts

At CLV Group, we wholeheartedly support the work that helps strengthen our Ottawa community and transform lives. In a city like this, where there are many volunteer opportunities to go around, lending a helping hand can make a big difference. Join our community and embrace the chance to contribute to change today.