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Tapping into Sustainability: Water-Saving Tips for CLV Group Residents

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Tapping into Sustainability: Water-Saving Tips for CLV Group Residents

Water is a resource we often take for granted — it flows out of our taps effortlessly, ready for us to use at any given moment. However, only 0.3% of Earth’s water is usable and accessible to humans, which is why it’s vital to embrace conservation efforts. As residents of CLV Group, you have the power to contribute to sustainability by adopting simple practices in your day-to-day apartment life. Here are some water-saving tips to help you get started: 

1. Check for Leaks

A small drip may not seem like a big deal, but did you know that one faucet leaking at one drip per minute adds up to over 69 gallons of water wasted each year? If you notice any leaks, notify your office immediately so the issue can be fixed promptly. Not only will this prevent unnecessary water waste and contribute to water conservation efforts, but it can also help your water bill.

2. Report Toilet Issues

Toilets that run periodically or don’t stop filling in a reasonable amount of time can waste significant amounts of water. If you experience these issues, notify management as soon as possible to prevent excessive water usage.

3. Avoid Flushing Waste

Using your toilet as a wastebasket is a common habit that consumes unnecessary water. It is worth noting that you use at least 4.8 litres of water every time you flush a tissue or small piece of trash. For older toilets, this could be as much as 20 litres. Instead, dispose of garbage in the appropriate bins to minimize your impact and promote responsible waste management.

4. Keep Drinking Water Cold

Rather than running the tap until the water is cold, store drinking water in your fridge. This small change can help you save water that would otherwise go to waste while waiting for the tap to cool down. It’s a simple yet effective conservation practice that doesn’t compromise convenience.

5. Turn Off the Tap While Brushing

One of the easiest ways to save water is by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth. Instead of leaving the water running, wet your brush, turn off the faucet, and turn it back on when it’s time to rinse. 

6. Utilize Full Loads

Whether it’s your dishwasher or clothes washer, make it a practice to use these appliances only when you have a full load. Running half-loads is less efficient and uses up more water than necessary.

7. Wash Smart

When rinsing produce, instead of running water from the tap, fill a pan to wash your fruits and vegetables. This quick switch can help you save a substantial amount of water after a trip to the grocery store. 

8. Reuse Water

After washing your fruits and vegetables, collect and reuse the water for your indoor plants. This way, you can minimize water wastage and provide a secondary use for this resource.

9. Soak and Scrape

When it comes to cleaning pots and pans, avoid letting the water run while you scrape them. Instead, fill the sink with water and let them soak. This way, you can loosen the residue without wasting resources. Once soaked, scrub the dishes clean and rinse them with small amounts of water.

Small Changes Make A Big Difference

By incorporating these water-saving tips into your daily routine, you can contribute to a more sustainable future. Remember, every drop counts! Join us in making a difference by implementing these tips in your apartment. Explore our listings at CLV Group today to find your new green and water-conscious community.