Construction Services

CLV Group and PBC Group have become leaders in the commercial and residential construction landscape through our commitment to precision, innovation, and unwavering quality. Our partnership elevates any project by seamlessly blending expertise with dedication to excellence.

Every capital project faces unique challenges. This means that our team of industry experts view every project through an individualized lens to ensure innovative and value engineering approaches regardless of size or complexity. We assist our clients throughout all phases of development and construction, from assessing feasibility, through site selection, land acquisition, design, and construction.

Individually Tailored Construction Management

Our construction management division offered by PBC Group provides comprehensive pre-construction service to expertly coordinate and manage every element of the project journey. Tailoring our approach to diverse sizes, purposes, and timelines allows us to deliver customized solutions with universal precision.

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“We are committed to forging strategic partnerships with results that exceed our clients’ expectations. The relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with innovative solutions, ensures we build more than structures; we build enduring collaborations that contribute to the success of our valued partners.”
-Paul Bouzanis, President & CEO of PBC Group

Key Differentiators


With a commitment to cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking practices, we pride ourselves on delivering projects that showcase efficiency, sustainability, and unmatched creativity.


From commercial spaces and offices to hotels, mixed- use, institutional, recreational, and residential properties, our team has insight into projects of all types. We ensure correct procedures and protocols from the beginning to the end, with the goal of achieving our clients’ visions.


CLV Group and PBC Group passionately pursue a portfolio of affordable housing and non-profit construction projects. Our recent partnerships include the development of housing facilities for the John Howard Society and the Shepherds of Good Hope. These projects exemplify our dedication to creating spaces that provide shelter and support to those in need.