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Pre-Authorized Payments

All rental payments including parking are due to our head office located at 485 Bank St, Suite 200 always by the 1st of each month. We do however have several options available to you for rent payments.

The most popular method of rent payments is by "Pre Authorized Payment" - an automatic withdrawal on the 1st of each from your bank account. Here are our resident's top 5 reasons for using Pre Authorized Payment:

 Save time and hassles - simply provide your void cheque(s)

 Never forget to send a payment again.

 Save your cheques - never write a rent cheque again!

 Become eligible for promotions on new leases!

Simply download the attached form and provide us with a void cheque by the 15th of the month prior to which you would like to begin. Once you are set up for automatic payments, you will never have to worry about sending in a monthly cheque or stopping by our office every month!