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7 Minimalistic Apartment Décor Trends

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7 Minimalistic Apartment Décor Trends

Sparse but stylish is the name of the interior decorating game these days, and people are embracing this minimalistic style more than ever. Aside from eliminating clutter, it makes any space look bigger and brighter. It’s also easier to maintain and helps you love and appreciate the items that you do have. Here are a few minimalistic apartment décor trends to get you started.

Create a Bold Feature Wall

Minimalism design trends generally lean towards a muted colour pallet. But a popular way to balance this out and add just enough splash of colour (without it looking too busy) is creating a feature wall. Whether it’s off to the side or in the center of your living room, choose a wall as a focal feature, and add colour to create some contrast. Then place a few simple frames on top to create a more personalized touch.

Think of Mood Lighting

Rather than using more physical stuff to decorate, think of how you can use lighting instead to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Add a few lamps throughout your space and be strategic with their placement. Choose lamps that let you adjust the direction of light to highlight certain features like artwork and add warmth to help offset the starkness that can come with a more minimalistic design.

Choose Furniture with a Purpose

Less is more, especially when decorating an apartment and creating the illusion of more space. Before purchasing and adding furniture, think about its purpose and where you will place it. Ironing this out before you jump into buying will help to ensure that it will serve your needs and won’t just be a filler that eats up more space.

One Item per Tabletop

Avoid placing multiple items on tabletops. Whether it’s your coffee table, side table or a kitchen table, stick to one item per to avoid clutter. 

Use Plants Instead of Stuff

If your apartment looks a bit lifeless and dull, spruce it up with some greenery. Plants are one of the best minimalistic apartment décor trends, and for a good reason. Aside from adding vibrant splashes of colour to your space, they will help to reduce air pollutants, filter your air, and even reduce allergy symptoms. 

Choose Round Mirrors

Mirrors are another excellent way to decorate any space in a simplistic way. They help to disperse light, also making interiors appear brighter and bigger. Large, round mirrors are ideal for hanging just about anywhere: the bathroom, above the bed, in the living room or on your feature wall. 

Cube Shelving

If you’re limited on storage and need to create a partition in your studio apartment, cube shelving is a strategic and practical way to do this. You can use a few of the cubes to store and tuck away certain items out of sight while keeping a few of your prized pieces on display. There are many different sizes you can choose from to suit your storage needs.

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