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Six Signs It’s Time to Declutter

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Have you been feeling weighed down, stressed, or frustrated anytime you need to organize or find something in your home? These are just a few of the common tell-tale signs that you may need to press pause and declutter. Having a tidy home can help you feel more in control and happy with your life. Here are six signs it’s time to declutter so that you can make the most of your space. 

You Can Never Find What You Need

Do you struggle to find the items you need on a regular basis? If so, this is your first big sign to declutter. Your time is precious, and it shouldn’t be wasted on daily scavenger hunts whenever you’re looking for your keys or important documents. By eliminating excess junk in your home, you’ll be able to stay organized more easily and pinpoint whatever you need in a matter of seconds. 

You Have Too Many Junk Drawers

Even minimalistic homes have a junk drawer or two. But when most of your drawers turn into junk drawers, it could be time to reassess and decide if you need all that stuff. Pick a day to sort through and toss out anything you don’t need or have not used in the past year. To help keep your drawers tidy and organized, use small containers or baskets for loose items. Decluttering your junk drawers will not only help you find places for miscellaneous items, but it will also free up space for more storage.

You Feel Anxious in Your Own Home

If you’ve been feeling overly anxious, stressed out, and heavy when you’re just trying to relax at home, your clutter could be contributing to those feelings. Clutter can manifest from chaotic emotions, making it hard to feel in control. Even when you’re in a good mood, coming home to a messy, disorganized place can negatively impact your mental and emotional states. Clearing away the junk will not only eliminate the chaos, but will also help to cleanse your space, improve your airflow and make you feel much more at ease.

You Feel Embarrassed When Someone Visits

A spontaneous visit from friends or family shouldn’t incite panic or embarrassment. If you have to scramble to tidy and hide your mess, or if you’ve just been avoiding having people over because of it, this may be a sign that it’s time to clean up so that you can spend quality time with the people you care about.

You’re Always Cleaning

Living in a clean apartment comes with a slew of benefits. Once you reduce the junk, it becomes so much easier to find a home for the items you do need and use on a regular basis. You’ll spend less time tidying and more time on the things that bring life meaning, from spending time with loved ones to engaging with your hobbies.

You Have No Floor or Table Space

When you can no longer see space on your flat surfaces or floors, it could mean it’s time to declutter. When we get caught up in life, flat surfaces are often the first things to become messy because it is a convenient place to drop off miscellaneous items quickly. If you find yourself stepping over stuff on the floor, like laundry or unopened boxes, this could also mean that it’s time to tidy up. Having empty surfaces and clean floors creates a more welcoming and functioning space. 

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