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Apartment Living: What is Considered a Maintenance Emergency?

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Classifying Non-Emergencies

Some things may happen in your apartment that are cause for concern but don’t pose an imminent threat. This includes one of the burners on your stove not heating up, if you have a leaky tap in the bathroom, or if the AC won’t turn on at 20 degrees Celsius. Although an inconvenience, being without hot water is also not considered an emergency. In some cases, you may want to contact your utility company to check if they are doing work in the area before submitting a maintenance request.

Dealing with Non-Emergencies

Putting forward a maintenance request is an easy way to deal with a non-emergency. However, if you are within your agreement and capable of repairing certain things yourself, you can attempt to do so. Consider changing the batteries in your smoke alarm, for instance, or replacing the filter on your AC unit. Ensure that you review your rental agreement to see if there are any concerns that you need to handle on your own. 

Don’t Put Off Maintenance Requests

As outlined above, emergency maintenance is vital to the safety and well-being of you as a tenant, and likely others as well. Submitting a maintenance request is always a good idea, even if the issue is not currently pressing. Something small could become a larger issue if left unchecked, turning it into an emergency down the road.

As a renter, you want to ensure that your apartment is a safe place that you know is properly tended to. Living in a space that values your well-being is an important factor. At CLV Group, our resident portal allows maintenance requests to be submitted quickly and easily, meeting your needs in the best ways possible. To learn more about our policies or to inquire about available apartments, contact us.

Many choose apartment living for convenience. You don’t have to worry about cutting grass or shovelling snow and, in general, most maintenance needs are handled by submitting a request. Your lease agreement will outline any specifics that you need to know when it comes to these requests, and it also ensures that things are repaired properly and promptly. 

However, some things simply cannot wait. Select situations are often unpredictable and can cause you immediate problems, but how can you tell if it is a maintenance emergency?

Defining a Maintenance Emergency

Although inconveniences wherever you live are a part of life, a maintenance emergency falls under important criteria. It is something that requires immediate attention when, if left unchecked, it could result in injury, pose a threat to your health, or cause drastic property damage. In other words, it is a pressing issue that could result in dangerous (and expensive) consequences.

Types of Emergencies

Most maintenance emergencies can be clearly identified. This includes flooding and potential gas leaks. In the event of a fire, it is crucial that you contact 911 before reaching out to maintenance. Generally, your apartment should be kept at a reasonable temperature to ensure your safety, but if conditions fall below 10 to 32 degrees Celsius and your heating/cooling system isn’t working, this is one such example of a maintenance emergency.