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Apartment Sibling Rivalry: How to be Roommates with Your Sibling

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Apartment Sibling Rivalry How to be Roommates with Your Sibling

You’re all grown up and you finally have your own apartment; you even have your very own roommate, and that roommate is your sibling. But wait, having your brother or sister as your roomie doesn’t have to be a con to your new independent life! Although growing up with your sibling might have been (let’s be honest) annoying, having an apartment with your sibling can be exciting and helpful! We’re not saying you won’t have any bumps along the way, but we’ve compiled the best tips and tricks for living with your sibling and how you can benefit from this experience.

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Establish Boundaries

Although living with your sibling means you probably don’t have a lot of personal boundaries, there are simple ways to work around this issue. First, make sure you establish some boundaries with your sibling. This should include topics like cleanliness, study time or quiet time, bedtime, and even borrowing clothing. Be clear on what your boundaries are so you can keep the peace as much as possible and be respectful of each other. This will help to decrease any discrepancies that arise because you treat each other as a family as well as equal apartment cohabitants. Second, consider giving each other private time by having separate turns in the living room. Having some alone time is great for everyone, even if you are really close with your sibling, giving each other space will make the time you spend together much more enjoyable.

Create an Organized System 

If you grew up with your sibling, you already know what it’s like living with another person. This means you know how to divide and conquer chores, and you know their lifestyle and living habits. You probably also know how to share, which means that hall closet space, fridge space and chores shouldn’t be too much of a fuss. Create a calendar to showcase important dates such as who is doing what chore and when, as well as when different payments are due, which will also help lessen the likelihood of disagreements between you and your roommate.

Learn to Communicate and Listen

Being able to communicate properly is essential if you’re going to live together in some sort of harmony. The key to good communication (and often the hardest part) is to listen. If an issue arises, learn how to talk about it in a calm and mature manner. Avoid jumping to conclusions or blaming. This won’t achieve anything. Approach your brother or sister and be clear on what is bothering you or what you’d like to address.

Make Other Friends

Being cooped up with anyone for a long period of time can be challenging, so make an effort to get out, meet new friends and give each other space. Encourage your sibling to do the same, so neither of you will feel guilty about spending time apart or with others. 

Saving money is a huge factor when deciding to move, and is definitely a factor that most consider when deciding between a one or two-bedroom apartment. Having a roommate, whether a sibling or not, automatically helps you save money if you are planning on splitting the bills. Also, if you are having trouble saving money or prefer not to live alone, your sibling is an easy and convenient go-to. Not to mention, you already know what both of you own, so you will never have to worry about having doubles of furniture or equipment which helps you to save money as well! 

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