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Explore Old Montreal!

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If you’ve never visited Old Montreal, you’re missing out! There’s something so charismatic, quaint, and enchanting about this popular tourist district. This historic neighbourhood is an area of the downtown core that has been largely preserved in its original state, with some areas dating back all the way to the 1600’s. And with cozy cafes, Euro-style bistros, chic boutiques and so much more to discover, you’ll understand why it’s so admired and revered for its “old-world” picturesque charm. When you’re ready to explore Old Montreal this spring, here are a few spots to mark off on your adventures.

Explore Old Montreal’s Underground City

If you’re interested in exploring the depths of this historic area, there’s no better place to start than underground. Here you can discover some of the best areas in the city for dining and high-end shopping. You can even view a portion of the Berlin Wall that’s on display for the public.

Take a Food Tour

There’s no better way to truly explore a city than with a food tour to show you all of the best spots to eat. You can sign up for the Old Montreal Food Tour and enjoy a variety of different hand-picked spots to get a true taste of what the cuisine here is all about. Plus, you can learn more about the history behind the dishes while you chow down on some tasty food.

Explore the Old Port Area

The Old Port is the place to be for outdoor attractions, enrichment, and so much more. The Montreal Science Centre is located here, and it’s well worth a visit (or three). There’s also an onsite IMAX cinema, an exciting outdoor Ferris wheel (ideal for those hot summer days), and even a playground for little ones at the base of the area’s signature clock tower. Stop by and pay the beloved Vieux-Port de Montréal a visit and we’re sure you’ll want to return, time and time again. 

Grab a Drink at the Nelligan Hotel Rooftop

Old Montreal is renowned for its high-end hotels. And while many of these might be well outside of your budget, having a few drinks or booking a brunch are the perfect ways to enjoy the impressive designs and sheer elegance without breaking the bank. If you’re itching for a refreshing beverage, head to the Nelligan Hotel rooftop where you can sip on your drink while taking in the stunning views. Here you’ll find the striking old architecture of the city surrounding you, with the St-Lawrence River in view as well. Or go early for a midday brunch instead where you can eat while taking in the awe-inspiring golden ceilings and crimson couches.

Visit Notre-Dame Basilica

No visit to the heart of Old Montreal is complete without paying your respects at the iconic Notre-Dame Basilica. Renowned as not only a stunning place of worship but also a marvel of architecture, it has seen many grand events over the years, including Quebec’s much-celebrated wedding of Celine Dion and the dearly missed René Angélil in 1994. Your jaw will drop once you catch a glimpse of its incredible interior, and the exterior will surely impress as well!

Wander Through Place Jacques Cartier

Anyone who has been to Montreal will tell you that this square is always worth checking out. Jacques Cartier is always a lively, vibrant area where you can find a flurry of activity. Enjoy the buskers, lounge at an outdoor café and join in on any of the festivities happening in the area.

Check Out Little Burgundy

So by now, you’ve most likely encountered the horse and carriages, amazing architecture, and cobblestone streets, but before you leave, be sure to head to the neighbourhood of Little Burgundy. This area has everything you could want from an old European-style city, including more cozy cafes, fresh delis and other charming spots to check out.

Whether you have an itinerary or not, wandering through Old Montreal is an adventure all on its own. You can take in so much of what this quaint downtown area has to offer by keeping your eyes wide open and giving yourself plenty of time to explore.

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