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Tips on Decluttering Your Home For the New Year

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It’s that time of year where we get ready to welcome a fresh new year. With that comes the desire to get organized to start the next chapter on the right foot. If you’re looking for tips on decluttering your home for the New Year to embrace that “less is more” mantra, follow our guide below.

Focus on Decluttering What’s Most Visible

The reality is when we can see the results, it motivates us to do more, and it makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something. So instead of starting your decluttering stage on the deeper layers and tiny knick knacks, focus on things that are most visible. If your closet and dressers are bursting at the seams, start there. If you can barely open your guest room, then that should take priority. Or if your kitchen is overpacked with so much stuff that you have to store items on the counter or basement, work on fixing it. Whichever area is the messiest and tends to trigger your stress on a regular basis is where you should begin.

Donate Unused Items

The rule of thumb for decluttering is if it hasn’t been used, touched, or seen in the past year or two, get rid of it. This includes clothing, home décor, extra serving dishes, bowls, electronics, books, and everything in between. Place a box, bin, or bag beside you as you sift through your stuff and separate anything that can be donated from things that are too far gone or not worth giving away.

Sell or Give Away Specialty Items

Whether it’s tools, appliances, or bikes, any specialty items can often feel a little more challenging to get rid of. But when they’re seldomly used or never used, they’re just contributing to a cluttered mess. Consider giving them away to family or friends, or sell them online.

Toss Away Expired Items

We are all guilty of holding on to products for far too long. And eventually, they just end up being stuff on the shelf or in a drawer. Anything that’s long past its expiration date should be thrown away. Makeup, skincare products, and spices are usually a good place to start with this. 

Focus on One Room at a Time

There’s no right or wrong way to declutter. The key is to find what works for you and will motivate you to stick with it. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it can be helpful to focus on one room at a time. Remember to tackle the work in steps by decluttering the major surface-level stuff before digging into the deeper layers. Alternatively, you could flip it around if you prefer.

Break it Into Steps

You don’t have to waste your weekends decluttering. By doing a little bit every day, you’ll be surprised at how much you can achieve over the span of a few weeks. 

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